Skeleton Kingdom

Written by Emily Miller : April 29, 2008

skeletonInspired by rumors of mansions in heaven
Building begins for his kingdom on earth.
Supplies pile up; workers are gathered,
Trained, and put to different tasks,
Each with a niche, an itch, a handful of tools.

But as the castles receive their finishing touches,
No one comes to live in them, instead,
The workers all go home to their own beds for rest.

Subdivisions, cities and zip codes,
Cranked out by the labor of dreamers
Who are building the kingdom here on earth
Just as it is in heaven, or perhaps a little altered
Only because dreams are often skewed, or
Hard to understand because they are views of
What hasn’t yet been done or even seen,
A revelation of the invisible.

And one mans edifice, results in another mans’.
As reactions zig-zag across the landscape,
Competition interrupts the dream world.

The walls keep being raised, the ribbons
Keep being cut, but the neighborhoods lie
Desolate with no one to take up residence.
All the workers return to their beds for rest,
Only to rise again, build again, rival again.

All the mud, bricks and mortar, all the blood
Of friends and enemies, all for a kingdom
That no one wants to live in, a skeleton kingdom.


photo by Anim8ir

Author Bio:: Emily Miller lives in Durango, CO with her husband Brian. She enjoys Argentine malbec, good books, watching River Plate futbol, cooking, and both dreaming about and living presently the incarnation of Christ through his Body and the Kingdom which has come.

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