GuidelinesJesus Manifesto accepts original content that creatively explores the relationship between Jesus and the Empire. We currently have the following categories for our articles:

In DOXIS, we explore the big questions of the faith...questions of theology and philosophy and hermeneutics and the like.

In CULTURE, we apply our lens to the world around us as we explore sociological trends, postmodernity, politics…you name it.

In PRAXIS, we explore the hands-on nature of the way of Jesus. How do we follow Jesus in the American empire? What does this look like for our lives, our ministries, our churches? This is the hands-on of our faith.

In AESTHETICS, we explore beauty through our senses: images, music, film, poetry, and the culinary arts. We’ll entertain any artistic submission.

In SATIRE, we revel in the absurdity of our lives. Without being mean-spirited, we want to use humor to wax prophetic.

We will also take category transcending articles, as long as it fits the overall theme of the site. In particular, we welcome book reviews and interviews.

While we are willing to accept quality submissions of any length, we generally look for content that is between 250 and 1000 words.

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