Mark Van Steenwyk

laughingmark.jpgMark Van Steenwyk is a member of Missio Dei (Missio Dei is an Anabaptist intentional community anchored on the West Bank of Minneapolis that pursues Jesus’ way of simplicity, prayer, hospitality, and peace). Mark is a writer, speaker, and grassroots educator (which means that he tries to mess with people’s thinking, but he usually does this outside of an institutional setting…though he has done some adjunct work with Bethel University).

Mark has also started a network called Christarchy! that exists to help people form small groups to discuss and implement the sorts of ideas presented at Jesus Manifesto.

He also conspires with the Common Root: a movement of prophetic communities committed to embracing the nonviolent way of Jesus in creative and sustainable ways.

He and his wife Amy have been married since 1997. They, along with their son Jonas, live with a random assortment of friends in South Minneapolis.

Brandon Rhodes

Brandon Rhodes is a lifelong Oregonian who worships and serves in the Old Growth Community, a new-monastic Mennonite church plant in Portland’s eclectic Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood and presently in its first year together.

In his adolescence he was a part-time Christian and full-time fundamentalist crank.  But when Brandon lived in a kingdom-centered intentional community while studying Environmental Studies and Political Science at the University of Oregon, he found himself steadily transformed by the gospel.  God redeemed him from sneering individualism and into playful community, from shrill nationalism into the Kingdom of the Triumphant Lamb.  His is a journey of being regularly startled by God’s love and beauty.

Since college, Brandon has continued to live in Christian community, graduated seminary, and worked as a writer and activist for several creation-care and global justice nonprofits.  He enjoys vegetable gardening, reading compulsively, brewing beer, Mexican food, Romans 8, and trees.

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