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How To Buy Automatic Instagram Likes with PayPal?

Buying automatic Instagram likes is easier than you think. Follow these three simple easy steps to use PayPal.

How To Buy Instagram Likes with PayPal
Choose a Package
Choose the number of Instagram Likes

You can get a package of IG likes for one post or spread the package to several Instagram posts.

Pay for Instagram likes through PayPal
Buy Package
Pay for auto likes Instagram with PayPal

After choosing a package, click the Buy Now button and purchase auto likes Instagram across PayPal.

Get likes on Instagram from profiles with avatars
Enjoy Instagram Likes
If you have any questions, see our FAQs

Get valuable likes from high quality Instagram profiles with avatars and publications.

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Enjoy the many benefits of buying Instagram likes from Fasto

You can take advantage of the benefits of Fasto service. We have been providing Instagram likes for over five years. We understand our clients’ needs.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
Easy Purchase through PayPal
Easy Purchase
HQ IG Likes
HQ IG Likes
Reliable Supplier
Reliable Supplier
Absolutely Safe Instagram Likes
Absolutely Safe
24/7 Support
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Purchase IG Likes

Purchasing IG likes through PayPal is completely safe. All customers receive a refund if they are not satisfied. If you buy Instagram likes from Fasto, you can be confident in the safety of your IG profile. We deliver real IG likes from high-quality profiles, so your posts won't lose likes.

Buy Instagram Likes Now
Why Buy Likes Instagram for multiple photos?

Boost Your Instagram Page

Buying IG likes for multiple photos is effective way to promote a business page, brand or personality. You can experience the great benefits of receiving purchased IG likes on multiple photos.


Increase IG Page Attractiveness

Photos with more likes on Instagram attract new visitors to your IG page. Users pay close attention to the number of likes for each Instagram picture.


Instagram Status and Popularity

Friends and new acquaintances rate the popularity of the Instagram pages. If the new publication many likes, it is a sign of respect and stimulates interest in the Instagram page. By contrast, if there are few likes, it is a reflection in a lack of interest in a person or brand. Therefore, many users choose the way to buy likes Instagram.


Own Satisfaction

It is very rewarding to multiple pictures have many likes Instagram. It becomes a source of pride that you want to share with everyone.


Instagram Page Growth

Instagram Photo likes influence the growth of posts in trends and recommendations. If a page gets many Likes for each Instagram photo, it has more potential to grow and to attract new followers on IG.


Buy Likes on Instagram Fast

Here you can buy Likes to Instagram post via PayPal or Credit Card. Also, you can spread the selected Plan to multiple posts. Just write your wishes in the field Your instructions or notes.

Choose Instagram Likes Plan

Enter Instagram Post Link or UserName:

Enter your instructions or notes (optional):

Choose a Plan of Instagram Auto Likes, Instagram Followers and Instagram Comments

Buy Automatic Instagram Likes Monthly

Buy automatic Instagram Likes monthly to future posts and multiple pictures across PayPal or with Card (One-time payment). Just select Plan and enter the number of Likes you want to receive for each future post automatically. Our system monitors the publication of each new post and begins sending Likes automatically gradually with some difference from the number of Likes you specified. For example, if you specified 100 auto likes per post, then each post will receive from 100 to 115 likes randomly. It looks natural. More information about Auto likes and comparison of plans can be found on this page. Fasto helps you to attract Instagram followers to your profile. You can also buy Instagram comments from real users for your photos and videos.

Instagram Likes

Pricing Options
One-time payment

Enter Instagram UserName or Page Link:

Enter how many Likes to send to each new post:


Pricing Options

Enter Instagram UserName or Page Link:

Enter your notes (optional):

Instagram Comments

Pricing Options

Enter Instagram Post Link or UserName:

Enter your wishes or notes (optional):


1000+ happy clients all around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions


How fast will Instagram likes be delivered after purchase?

The delivery of fast Instagram likes occurs immediately after purchase. It allows you to get up to 5000 IG likes per hour to one post. If you want to buy likes on Instagram from Fasto and you want to have your Instagram likes delivered gradually, you can provide your instructions during the purchase process.


How can I spread the Instagram likes that I purchase?

You can buy Instagram Likes for either one picture or multiple posts. You start by selecting the IG likes package and provide your instructions on how to spread Instagram likes. A package of likes can be sent to one picture or they can be spread to multiple photos or video posts on Instagram.


Is the purchase Instagram likes safe for my account?

Yes. Purchasing Instagram likes is completely safe for your Instagram profile.


Can I get a refund if I don't get my Instagram likes?

Yes. You will receive a refund, if we do not deliver IG likes. Fasto has been providing likes for Instagram photos for over five years. All of our clients have received likes who bought IG likes. If you write your Instagram UserName correctly when ordering and your page is public (not private), the Instagram likes will definitely be delivered to all of your posts (picture, video, IGTV, Reel).


How useful AI Text & Image Generator Fasto AI for Instagram posts?

AI Text & Image Generator Fasto AI is useful for generating captions of Instagram posts. Texts are generated high-quality and unique thanks to artificial intelligence. It will also be useful to generate images in one click. This way you will get unique, attractive and unusual pictures for IG posts.


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