My name is Jonas

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 30, 2008

We’ve been flooded with congratulations over the past few days. Our son Jonas entered the world on Friday morning. We arrived home Sunday afternoon and are trying to figure out our new life together as a family.

I thought you all might be interested in some pictures:

peace.jpgThis first picture demonstrates Jonas’ natural state. These early days of his life on the “outside” have been filled with sleeping and eating. So far, he hasn’t been too fussy, though he had some bouts with gas that left him a bit disagreeable. In days ahead, when he demonstrates the darker depths of his human nature, I will remember this look on his face, sigh, and respond with love.

jonas3.jpgIn my opinion, Jonas has a skeptical look on his face in this picture. Some would say that the intense pensiveness of his aspect supports the notion that my son is a genius of the highest caliber. That, paired with a rather robust name like “Jonas Elliott Van Steenwyk,” indicates that he is likely to be a theologian or philosopher. With my gentle tutelage, he will balance his intellectual side with an activist flair, making him something of a William Stringfellow or Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Such speculations may seem premature, but I think the picture speaks for itself.

happyfam3.jpgThis final picture is of Jonas and his proud parents. Amy really outdid herself in birthing Jonas. The labor was fairly long (22 hours) and without pain medication. She struggled through labor with resolute determination and good spirits. This was due in part to the support of our friend Kirstin and Amy’s mom, Mari. Kirstin has attended a number of births and was a boost to Amy’s morale. Mari is a nurse and a mom, so her relationship with Amy paired with her nursing skills were hugely helpful.

I helped as much as I could…but for the most part I felt helpless and small. In the end, my respect and love for Amy have deepened and my love for my new son is fresh and new.

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