The Death of Facebook

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : September 15, 2007

Earlier this week, during our InterVarsity metro team meeting, Richard boldly claimed that Facebook only has one good year left.  We all nodded in agreement.

I really, really like Facebook.  It is amazingly helpful in staying up to date.  But it is becoming too much like Myspace.  It isn’t very customizable, and what customization it allows opens you up to crap and trash.  It is just a matter of months before cheap, unethical business begin creating personal profiles and start spamming folks and making friends requests.  Every day, I get Myspace requests that lead to porn.  No thanks.

Today, I read the following in my Wired rss feed:

Google is going after Facebook. A leaked video contains details on Google’s plans to integrate a number of its offerings (think Picasa, GTalk, Calendar, Reader and more) into what the movie refers to as “activity streams.” Activity streams can be subscribed to by friends, creating a way to track and update what you and your friends are up to, a la Facebook’s feeds.

If Google integrates its technologies together, creates a customizable profile page, and allows you to integrate it with things like your blog, I’ll gladly center my web networking there.

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