Project Chompa

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 22, 2007

As summer approaches in the United States, winter approaches in Peru. Every year, children in the mountainous region of Pasco, Peru fight against the cold as they make their way to school. We’d like to help these children stay warm through the winter. In Peru, children wear thick, warm woolen sweaters called chompas to stay warm.

In about a month, Missio Dei members Josh and Carmen Ellens (along with their baby Mateo) are going to visit Carmen’s parents in Lima, Peru (Carmen is Peruvian). While they’re there, they will visit her father’s home region, Pasco. Josh and Carmen would like to buy as many chompas as possible while they’re in Peru and then bring them to Pasco to give to school children. A good quality chompa costs $5 in Lima.

We’re asking for you help. We’d like to buy as many chompas as possible for these children. We’re asking for everyone we know to give at least $5. But give as much as you can.

Please visit the Project Chompa Page at Missio Dei’s website to give. And as a favor to me, it would help if you spread the word through your blogs/websites.

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