Money and Missio Dei

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 11, 2005

Raising money is ackward…but it has a long healthy tradition.  The apostle Paul raised money for the church in Jerusalem.  Saint Francis begged for money and stones to help rebuild ruined chapels.  And I raise money to supplement my church planter pay and to help Missio Dei have the resources to reach its goals. 

We started Missio Dei in October 2004.  It takes time and energy and resources to make an impact in South Minneapolis.  We want to help the vast number of immigrants in our neighborhood.  We’ve taken some steps in that direction, but we lack the resources to go much further than an ELL conversation class right now.  We have other hopes and dreams for reaching out in the neighborhood, but we’re a small bunch of people taking on a neighborhood of hard soil.  If you can through a few crumbs our way, I’d appreciate it.  Your gifts are tax deductible. If you are annoyed by such a plea for moola, then ignore this post.  If not, please consider helping us out. 

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for months.

We could also use a hand as far reaching out.  We don’t care if Missio Dei becomes a big deal with lots of people, but we are kind of at our limit with the number of people we’ve got involved at Missio Dei right now.  We need people who want to help with urban outreach, and who are jazzed about a faith community that is made up of house churches. Help us get the word out.  God is working in South Minneapolis, and he wants more laborers down here.

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