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Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : September 30, 2004

I started missionThink a little over a month ago. I know that I am a late entry into the blogging world, but I decided to jump in whole-hog. I didn’t want to be like those bloggers who only post every month or so. I wanted missionThink to be a helpful site for people grappling with how to be and do “missional church.”

The other day, I had my 1,000th hit. This isn’t much for those of you who’ve been blogging for a long time. But it is a good beginning. I now have an average of 150 hits a day. Things are moving along quite nicely. Thank you to everyone who has been checking out missionThink regularly.

My goal is to move to an average of 500 hits a day. Once I reach that goal, I’m planning on making some changes. I want you all to know in advance so it doesn’t catch you by surprise. Once I start averaging 500 or more hits a day, I’m planning on expanding missionThink. My goal is to make missionThink a helpful resource for people who are struggling with how to be and do church in a missional way. I’d like to think that my daily thoughts serve that end, but I think some other features will help. So, once I hit 500/day, I’m thinking of doing the following:

Inviting a few other bloggers to write for missionThink. I’m not sure if we’ll share a blog, or if we’ll each have a separate blog housed on missionThink. If you have an opinion on that, let me know.

Adding an articles page. Blog posts are supposed to be brief. Sometimes, however, one has more to say than will fit into one post. The articles will come from missionThink authors, as well as outside authors that we respect.

Including some in-depth book reviews. There are a lot of good books out there. I want to choose which I think are the most helpful and tell you why they are worth reading.

Providing a robust list of links. I want to catalogue the best sites out there for ecclesiology and church planting. Nothing mediocre–just the good stuff.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I want missionThink to be a useful tool, and a place where good dialogue can take place. My ultimate goal is to provide a website that aided people in the process of considering important theological/social issues…and then begin to conceptualize how the church might incarnate those ideas. Most website focus on idea without much in terms of ministry practice. Others offer practical ideas without showing the philosophy behind them. I want to navigate the middle. I want missionThink to help in the process of moving from idea to reality. That is the most difficult step, and few sites do it well. Most of the sites that address this area don’t specialize specifically on ecclesiology.

I’d be interested in your thoughts. Does this seem like a worthwhile endeavor? Is it needed? Any suggestions?

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One Response to “Thank You”

  1. alexander on September 30th, 2004 12:03 pm

    I think you’ve got some excellent aims there. I would go for the several contributors on one blog route. But how about the UK context? Could that be tackled on a separate blog?

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