A Plea for Christians to Share, take 2

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : September 2, 2004

I’ve seriously been considering a particular online based church management system. I like it because it is comprehensive, internet based, inherently de-centralized, and pretty user friendly. It just costs a gajillion bucks.

I’d imagine it takes alot of space to host an entire church’s management info. As I sit, I’m preparing a sermon, using my Logos Bible Software (also a gajillion bucks). I love having a mobile study library that goes where-ever I go. It enables mobility.

So here’s my thought: if the aforementioned church management service can host such an immense amount of information, someone could probably manage to host a decent online Bible Study system…like an online Logos. They could probably get away with a hefty service charge too…

But here’s the twist…what if such an endeavor was a non-profit venture? A venture whose start-up costs were covered by donors and grants…and whose future expenses were covered by fundraising and a generous sliding-scale based fee (since fee based church services are often cost prohibitive, thereby being usable only by wealthy churches?

If anyone reading this likes this idea, and believes they can help make this a reality, let me know. I dream of a day where top-quality internet based services can be made available to everyone at a cheap price.

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