Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : August 31, 2004

I’m pretty happy right now. As you may know, I am a church planter, and starting a church is costly and difficult on many levels. Though we have a good deal of help, things are tight. Today, a friend of mine from Seminary (she’s in the Marriage in Family Therapy Program) lent me her drum kit for a while. She’s open to selling it to us as well. Almost all of our sound equipments and stuff has been provided with little to no cost to us. That makes me happy.

A word of wisdom to people in church plants or to those thinking about it: a wide network of friends and fans is worth a LOT. It is more valuable than money. With a network of friends (which is the reason, by the way, it is worthwhile to affiliate with a group–in my case the Baptist General Conference), you can get alot of stuff given or lent to you. You get encouragement and challlenge. You get an aweful lot. Don’t be a loner in this. The more people and churches you know, the better.

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