A Better Good Friday

Written by Cullen Tanner : March 20, 2008

As I was preparing my heart for Good Friday, I was culling through the music on my computer for something that would help me find that dark place and mourn for just awhile.

This year, I didn’t want to skip ahead to Easter. The friends and followers of Jesus sat through a long, cold Saturday before Sunday ever came. But the songs on my hard drive were too busy rejoicing to notice that the person on the cross was, in fact, a person on a cross and not just a supernatural check-in-the-mail. The fault may just as well lie with my own sorry excuse for a music library, so if any of you know songs that would echo this sentiment - post away.

This is the product of my angst. The pseudepigraphal thoughts of Christ as he walked toward the cross and a challenge to those who are now living as his body.

Here hang all the dreams of old
That now will never be,
All the expectations lost
On fragile royalty.
I know that I was sent for more
Than just to live and die,
And I can hardly say how bad
It hurts to say goodbye.

Here are all the lessons learned
That now will go undone.
All that’s plain and practical
Will never see the sun.
The ones who heard me then can barely
Find the strength to cry,
And all my comfort drowns in how
It hurts to say goodbye.

Who will stand before the thrones
Of pompous priests and lords?
Who will be the voice of those
The powerful ignored?
I showed them how the world could be
And this was their reply.
There was no other way, but still
It hurts to say goodbye.

Don’t compare this bleeding to a song
‘Cause musicals and monuments are bound to get it wrong.
Don’t forget what all creation sings,
That nothing less could show you what it means to be the king.

cullen.jpgAuthor Bio:: Cullen is a proud husband and father, the youth guy at a Methodist church, and a PhD candidate in NT studies. In his free time . . . oh, wait . . . he isn’t allowed to have free time right now.

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