Nashville Sonnet

Written by Jason Cormier : March 8, 2008

Soft Rhythms of the Rustic Air

Flowing, ever flowing along with the madness of the river below

Minds changing during deep meditative states of ecstasy

It is about time for us all to flee the horrors of the mud people

Stampedes at the unexpected hour, yes herds all over are on the move

Time, time is ticking away on the clocks of societies slave masters

Moving along toward the deep sleep with little hope of ever truly awakening

Dividends on divisions/who really pays?

Burdens upon the shoulders of poets never heeded

True wisdom often mistaken for lunacy

Resting weary heads on pavement pillows prepared for tombstones

Prophets on street corners announcing that we have fields to own

Except none of us knows anything about how to farm

The walls are shedding tears from observations made

What is this world watching with its pale, broken blue eyes?

God thunders down from the Holy Mount and commands repentance

Keep pushing the envelope but remember there are letters inside

The road to excess and spiraling paths to contentment

We can no longer continue to shower ourselves with such illusions

Rising SON, glistening waters of a new world, quenching of inner flames

Endless whisperings from the Void

Rushing tidal waves of golden silence now deafens us

The American Dream has become freedoms curse

Back stabbing rituals fuel the Utopian Nightmare

Tribal Ancestors scream from their tombs for validation

Why have so few understood the poet’s vision?

We who see life as if in perfected youth

The overpowering continuum that is time

Can we at least stop to catch our breath?

Heads colliding with ceilings placed by those who say they know better,

Now hope is nailed down to the floor

Overdue tabs at the bar paid for by religion

Now enlightened, we seek to rise above the social norms

Ancient mountains now splitting from the fisherman?s curse

Who has the real power if the people are the ones defending liberty?

Tossing pesticides unto the very vine that has fed them

Drowning babies in placenta waterfalls for the sake of convenience

Putting our various stains upon the Cross but the results seem the same

Hobo colonies dining on trash can souffle?

No need to dig too deep in these forgotten lands

For some wells are better off capped

Great cosmic war triggered by a futile revolution

Stuck in the shadows, just out of reach of enlightenment

You cannot behold the truth unless it decides to embrace you

Dark enchanted forests and a full bottle of wine illuminate the well worn path

And still the candles burn in the young maiden’s window

Who will be the one to make it past those sullen guards?

With longing hearts and parched lips?

Exhaustion sets in and fires dimly burn

Children of the night, my ancient circle of kinship, we must embrace truth

Mysteries lose their edge once the thrills become stereotypes

Maybe fear should get a good grip and strangle us once again

Heart begins to bleed in order for love to be gained

Integrities last great copulation before the Golden Era resumes

Songs of the soul released into our finite reality

Spring time strolls at the midnight hour

Pavement pimps become priests collecting the offerings

Wolves on the hunt for there is fresh meat in the herd

Soft, slow rhythms of the street lamps gaining wisdom

Shadow man still haunts the dreams of my tortured youth

Caged beast within me longing for sweet release

Soldiers ready for war but how much time have they spent on the cause?

How long before they end up as a footnote in some politician’s speech?

Alcohol induced sunrises, tried to sleep but that dusty Bible kept choking me

Author Bio:: Jason Cormier is the Founder of Emergent Minded Christ Followers.Com. He has been married to Brandy since 2002 and has a four year daughter Gabriella. They are expecting their second child in September. He is a poet/blogger/and wannabe author seeking a publisher.

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One Response to “Nashville Sonnet”

  1. jason on March 8th, 2008 8:09 am

    Wow, am honored this got accepted. I left out a picture on purpose as I did not want it to mess with how people interpret the poetry.

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