The Cross as…

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : December 31, 2007

Usually, when people begin a sentence by saying “Jesus died on the Cross…” they end that sentence with: “for my sins” or “for your sins.” That is a fine statement. It is a good and true statement. But, I believe it has become a problematic statement. Here’s why: The statement is often like the Trojan Horse–inside is a hidden army of unquestioned assumptions, particularly the assumption that salvation is primarily an individual matter. Jesus died on the Cross for my sins.

Sometimes people use the statement in a reductionistic way. Many believe that Jesus death only has to do with personal sin. In other words, we believe that Jesus Christ came and died to clean up my personal sin problem so that I can go to heaven when I die. Many, if nailed down, will concede that there are other reasons for Jesus’ death on the Cross. But when pressed, I’ve found that most of them can’t think of anything.

So, I’d like to begin a series on what Jesus accomplished on the Cross…and I am inviting you all to submit contributions to the series.

Tomorrow, I’ll begin with the Cross as Political Jujitsu.

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3 Responses to “The Cross as…”

  1. Joe Carson on December 31st, 2007 6:32 pm

    I suggest we should focus more on God as creator, who created mankind in His image with stewardship responsibilities for planet earth and its inhabitants for the purpose of advancing His glory while enjoying a direct relationship with Him, with other humans, and other aspects of creation.

    What is more important - God as Creator or Jesus as savior? Well, if there is no creation, there is nothing to save, nothing to judge, nothing to have a relationship (or lack of a relationship with.) Does that answer the question?

  2. mountainguy on January 1st, 2008 6:40 pm

    I don´t feel like “thinking a lot” today. BUt I really like when you say “Sometimes people use the statement in a reductionistic way”. Thats true, not only for this discussion, but in a lot of other issues, from evoultionary biology to politics, and of course, in this topic you´re actually talking about.

    Joe has asked in the first comment “What is more important - God as Creator or Jesus as savior?”. And well, should any of these be more important than the other? I´m not sure yet (and maybe I never will - although creation “seemed” to have happened first) And if we made a more holistic approach to this issue?

    Have a nice day all of you, and who knows, maybe on one of these days my brain will be working in a better way.

  3. Beezy on June 23rd, 2008 1:28 pm

    Maybe nobody will see this or maybe the two guys who commented earlier will… but I believe God as creator and Jesus as savior or both just as important. (don’t worry mountainguy i can try to think of something to fill in for you… lol)

    But seriously, God created man for His purposes and He sent Jesus for His purposes. Everything God does is for a purpose and He does it for all of us. so you can’t say which is more important because it was done for YOU, ME, and US. Jesus died for US. (To answer Steenwyk’s statement). And you know what, God is probably going to do more for people in the future, and its going to be just as important as everything else He has done. becuase He does it out of love for man. Why rank? Just except what He’s done and cherish it. Whether man sinned or not, I don’t think that would stop our interaction with Him. He “walked in the Garden” Genesis says. So before man sinned, He interacted with man, and after they sinned He sent Jesus. When man is redeemed (speaking of salvation here) He will still interact with man, because of His purpose for man and He loves them. You don’t have to believe that but the Bible says he is our Father in Heaven. Any (good) father here does things for their children out of love. You can’t rank what He does because the same emotion of love is behind each act. That’s the same with God. Eveything He’s done was with that same purpose ( with love).

    Yeah people rank but people do a lot of things. It’s some churches today that rank which church members are holier than others… (what’s up with that?). Or which members are more important than others… Or whose problems are worse and who’s problems don’t matter. God doesn’t think like that. God wants to help everyone He can in every way He can, so I think as Creator and as Savior, He wants us to remember all that He’s done so we can know He’ll will continue to be there. And although we feel we don’t see Him work or do things “today”, I still believe He will be there no matter what people are doing today and saying is “right”. I hope that helps a little.

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