Help Missio Dei Buy a New Ministry Center!

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : November 28, 2007

By 2008, this site will be relaunched as a web magazine. This will give readers greater choice about what they read, make the site more user-friendly, and offer greater opportunities for dialogue and diversity of content.

It will also allow me to write updates about my own life and ministry. The old Jesus Manifesto was a personal blog. The new one is not…we have a wider audience now. But I find that I miss blogging about my own personal struggles and my own ministry issues.

So forgive me if this post is irritating to you. Right now Missio Dei is in an exciting time as more people are becoming a part of our ministry. We’re also looking at purchasing a ministry center.

pledgeMissio Dei currently operates a communal ministry house and meets Sunday evenings in the basement of a local coffee shop. We’ve been looking for another space for intentional living for some time. And we’ve just found a property that would work well as our ministry center.

The property is an old bar that has been immaculately restored and cared for.

The 4600 sq ft property is listed at $550,000 (though with the market the way it is, we may be able to get it for less) and is located in the ideal location for our ministry needs. It has apartment space for intentional community (with minimal remodeling, we’ll be able to turn it into a spacious 4 bedroom apartment), a large gathering space (for up to 100 people), office space, and a restored basement that would be used for art studios and/or classrooms.

It also has a very full sized two car garage (which would be used as workshop space), a large lot that would add more space for our urban gardening project, and an enclosed outdoor courtyard between the garage and the main building.

This would be a great next step in what we?re doing. Missio Dei has been faithful for the past few years?we?ve resisted easy growth as we?ve sought to root ourselves in the neighborhood. We?ve become a people of hospitality, a people of prayer, a people who put faithfulness to Jesus before the ornaments of church success. This property would help us to do everything we?re doing now, but with greater intensity and greater impact. We?re ready for this. We?re praying for this. But we need help from brothers and sisters in Christ to make this a reality.

We’re trying to raise $100,000. I know it is a lot. But this property will give us a HUGE step forward, allowing us to dramatically increase our impact. We’d have a larger capacity for intentional community, the ability to serve the local programs that lack classroom space, an increased capacity for hospitality, and a long-term gathering space for our various meetings.

Having a down payment will allow us to get a loan from the Mennonite Church USA. Or, at the very least, it will allow us to work with an investor while retaining a stake of our own in the property.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Give financial support. At the top of the Missio Dei website ( there is a link that says “give.” This is a totally secure online giving portal, created for Missio Dei by Vanco Services. Your donations are tax deductible. If we are unable to purchase the property in question, your donation will be set aside for the future purchase of a ministry center.

2) Pledge financial support. If you’d like to help us purchase this property, but want your financial support to go only towards this particular property, you can pledge your support via the contact page on our website. Make sure you include your phone and address, along with the amount you intent to pledge.

fund sidebar3) Tell others! If you have friends and family that might be interested in the work of Missio Dei, let them about our need. If you have a blog, let your readers know about our need. We’ve created a special image that you can add to the sidebar of your blog.

Add the image to your sidebar and direct it to We’ll keep this information on our home page until we are able to purchase the property.

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2 Responses to “Help Missio Dei Buy a New Ministry Center!”

  1. Jason Barr on November 28th, 2007 9:32 pm

    I’m not irritated by you at all for this. Shoot, part of the reason I kept my Livejournal when I started writing Absolution Revolution is because I needed to keep an outlet for more personal matters.

    Granted, some of my more personal stuff involves re-posting cat macros and silly little quizzes, whereas yours has more to do with ministry stuff and other important things… ;-)
    I will keep praying for you to be able to raise what is needed, for sure. And you have my meager pledge, which I hope will be joined by many, many more.

  2. Shana Boshart on November 29th, 2007 9:23 am

    Wow! What an opportunity! That it so exciting, and I affirm your stepping out in faith to raise $100,000! With you, I believe that if this is God’s dream for Missio Dei–and it sure looks like it!– it will happen.

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