A Parable

Written by forrest : November 23, 2007

Once upon a time God’s cat got away.

God had just moved into his new place, and the cat, like all of his sort, was out of sorts about it being unfamiliar territory, and decided to walk. No sooner was Mr Cat out the door than there came a loud, unexpected noise, leading him to take Rapid Evasive Maneuvers up the nearest surface, which brought him instantaneously to the roof.

He looked around. It was a fine, expansive vantage, the sky above and many little people way down below, so far away he could imagine playing with them all! He thought about how clever he’d been, to reach such heights, such a marvelous place to sun himself (until the sun went down) and rest (until he got hungry.) Was there anything to eat up here?

It looked like a very long way down. Maybe he should sun himself now, climb down later. But it had been hours since his last meal. “Merrow???!”

God came out the door and looked up at him. “You’ve really done it this time, haven’t you! I suppose you’ll be wanting me to help you down from there!”

Mr. Cat, stung by the comment, proceeded to rub against the roof’s edge and purr. Help down? What on earth for?

“All right,” God told him. “But don’t stay too long. I just put some caviar in your bowl, and I don’t want it to get stale.” He went in the house and closed the door.


God came out, carrying a kitchen chair. He set the chair on the porch, stood on the chair, reached up.

“MerrOW!!” It looked a very small hand, a very far drop! Mr. Cat backed away, ears back. God reached for him. Mr. Cat took a swipe, left a nasty scratch across God’s knuckles, went a little further out of reach.

What, you ask, will God do about this? Will he leave Mr. Cat up there to stew until the caviar sounds better and the drop doesn’t look so far? Will he burn the house down? Will he set up a vast Cat Barbeque and eat cat for eternity? Ask your nearest Theologian and get the Right Answer, before it’s too late!

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