Slow Cooking

Written by beyondwords : October 25, 2007

image The Kingdom of God is like a wise woman who spends Saturday mornings cooking meals for the coming week.

Her preparations begin days in advance. She first asks the members her household if they have any requests, because she delights in pleasing them. After she composes the menus, she checks her cupboards for ingredients and writes a grocery list, making sure her calculations allow for extra meals for people in her community who might need them.

With a thankful heart, rides to the whole foods coop where she chooses fresh ingredients with care.

On Friday evening, she soaks the legumes and starts defrosting the meat. On Saturday morning, she stages the cooking process and then arranges the ingredients and equipment. She begins to chop and dice, to saute and braise, delighting in the rhythmic choreography and exponential efficiencies of the tasks.Colorful stocks full of flavor and aroma take shape and form the bases for multiple dishes. As sauces bubble and simmer, she stirs and tastes, adjusting seasonings and monitoring consistencies.

When household members move in and out of her kitchen dance, she welcomes them, and gives them the same attention she gives the food she?s preparing especially for them.

She is patient. It will be hours before the dishes reach their full flavor and assume their final forms. When the meals are finally assembled and stored, she rests, knowing the fruits of her labor won?t be realized until the meals are eaten, enjoyed and assimilated to provide the nourishment that leads to life.

Building the Kingdom of God takes time and care, like slow cooking with fresh food. Shortcuts, prepackaged approaches and artificial ingredients might seem to satisfy for a time, but they don’t build a healthy Body, and they don’t nourish our life together in Christ.

* * *

Kathy Hanson is a journalist, wife, and mother of six living in a college town in the Midwest. She writes: “It’s taken more than half a century for me to discover that my sole allegiance is to the Kingdom of the Beloved son, and to understand that salvation is for the whole of creation. I believe to be in Christ is to be infused with the life of God, equipped with his Spirit serve people with God’s transforming love. The truest form of church starts starts in my kitchen and overflows into my family and my community.”

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