on saving the world…

Written by geoff holsclaw : October 23, 2007

“Perhaps the future survival of humanity will depend not so much on scientific revelations or on political breakthroughs, but on whether we can find better ways for our children to spend their free time.”

This is what Jenny Uechi says at the end of her Nothing To Do But Shop over at Adbusters. Shopping has been elevated to the pinnacle of human activity, i.e. mass-entertainment. What are we going to do when children only know how to shop? When even the poorest go to malls “to enjoy a ‘world of simulated social promotion’”?

As the father of two little boys, maybe the best way to save the world (from greenhouse gases, pollution, and consumer waste) might be to save their imagination and save a place for them to play (public parks, open spaces, forest preserves, the living room [instead of the watching room!]).

I should make a little bracelet: WWJP–Where Would Jesus Play?


Geoff Holsclaw is Co-Pastor at Life on the Vine, and doctoral student at Marquette University, studying the relation of Liturgy and Politics. He helps coordinate “Church and Postmodern Culture” ( and is a friend of Emergent. He is married to Cyd and father to Soren and Tennyson.

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One Response to “on saving the world…”

  1. forrest on October 23rd, 2007 6:05 pm

    How about “What would Jesus watch?”

    If the last forty years haven’t quite made the case for tv being the most effective mass brainwatching tool ever invented, how do can you explain modern US politics?

    If your living room isn’t the ‘watching room’, of course, the other kids are going to think your kids are pretty weird. Good for them, I would think, if they can live with that–but a source of serious family tension if they can’t.

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