Breviary Poll

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : August 23, 2007

Earlier, I posted about the launch of  I have a poll running on the sidebar there.  I eagerly desire responses to the poll.  Please help get the word out about the breviary site.  The poll will help me gauge interest in the breviary.  We are going to self-publish both a paperback and hardcover version (probably around $12 and $18 respectively).  Profits will go to support the hospitality ministries of Missio Dei.  We currently self-publish copies for ourselves–but in order to sell them we’d need to clean up some things and change the Bible translation we use (to avoid copyright infringement).

Oh…by the way…if you subscribe to the feed, you’ll get a prayer every morning and evening that will show up in your RSS reader.  The rationale for the online version of the breviary is that those of us who live part of our lives online will appreciate a reminder to engage in morning and evening spiritual rhythms.  There are other feeds of other books of prayer, but the Missio Dei Breviary is a bit simpler, shorter, and reflects an Anabaptist vibe.

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