Introducing: The Missional Search

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : July 12, 2007

Google has a new tool called “Google Co-op.” What it allows you to do is to create a new search engine which privileges certain websites. In other words, a group of scientists can have a search engine that searches all of their collective websites or sites they find particularly helpful.  You can have the search engine search only those sites you wish to include (and nothing else) or to prioritize those sites you wish to include (thus skewing the results towards those sites you find particularly pertinent to the focus of the search engine.

This can be particularly helpful if, like me, you want to search for particular ideas related to missiology or ecclesiology.   Google is great, but sometimes you have to wade through lots of chaff to find what you’re really looking for. 

And so, I’ve created a search engine called “the Missional Search.”  I’ve already added a handful of sites to the search engine, so you can check it out.  What I’d really like from y’all is suggestions for sites to add to “the Missional Search.” I want it to be useful as a specialized search engine.

Which sites should I add to the search engine list?

Do you think a specialized search engine is useful? Would you use it?

Do you think the focus should be on missional church / emerging church stuff, or should it be broadened to a wider field like “evangelicalism” or “progressive Christianity” or something like that. I’m open to suggestions.

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One Response to “Introducing: The Missional Search”

  1. Rick Meigs on July 12th, 2007 8:55 pm

    This could be very useful as long as it doesn’t got filled with non-related entries. It is amazing the amount of junk you have to wade through on Technorati because of poor tagging.

    I think I’d keep it focused on missional/emerging stuff so it doesn’t get overwhelmed.

    Hard to know what sites to add without knowing what you already have included. Can you provide a list?

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