Iced Coffee Recipe

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : July 9, 2007

image I know I don’t usually post recipes on Jesus Manifesto, but the culinary arts are a passion of mine.  My culinary passion scarcely finds its way into my blogging.  Nevertheless, since hospitality is central to my way of ministering to others, it makes sense that I should start sharing recipes. 

This is a simple, easy recipe for Iced Coffee.  The idea is to take 1lb of coffee and add it to 1 gallon of ice water.


  1. Grind 1lb of beans as coarsely as possible…medium roast works best. Put the ground coffee into a non-reactive pot.
  2. Fill a gallon pitcher full of ice and then add cold water, totaling one full gallon of ice water.
  3. Pour the ice water into the pot and cover.
  4. Let the coffee steep at room temp. for 12 hours
  5. 12 hours later, stir the steeping grounds and then pour the coffee through a fine wire mesh strainer into another pot or a gallon-sized pitcher. 

If your coffee was ground coarsely, the mesh strainer should filter out most of the grounds.  You want some of the finer material in your coffee anyway. 

Don’t throw your ground away–they can be added to your garden as-is (though you can compost them if you’d like).

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