Christarchy :: June 2nd :: 8pm

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 28, 2007

We have another Christarchy meeting coming up on June 2nd!  The first Christarchy meeting went well–good turnout and good discussion. About 15 of us gathered in my living room to explore what it “looks like” to live out the Gospel.  The conversation tended towards the abstract–but it was definitely better than I expected.  It is no easy thing to get a group of people from different backgrounds to come together to talk about what it “looks like” to “live out” the “Gospel.”

To facilitate the group discussion for our next meeting, I want us to ponder 2 questions–and maybe spend time discussing these questions when we gather in a couple weeks.

The Gospel-call is a call to the margins. It is a call to serve the poor, the oppressed, those in bondage–it is a call to bring good news to the abandoned. It is a mistake to think that brokenness and poverty are urban issues. If we look closely, we can find abandoned places and abandoned people in every neighborhood–whether it is urban or rural, small town or suburban.

Here are the two questions:

1) What are the abandoned places and who are the abandoned people in your neighborhood/town/area?

2) What is keeping you from ministering to them? What is it that you lack?

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