New Monasticism on MPR Midmorning

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : January 22, 2007

You can now listen to the audio of the recent interview on New Monasticism on MPR’s Midmorning show. Click here to listen in!

Please pray for Missio Dei. We are successfully moving through our season of discernment…next month folks will be formally accepting our rule of faith. Also, we have some decisions to make…exciting, yet potentially distracting, opportunities for our community.

First of all, a reporter from the LA Times would like to follow the story of our community for 6 months. They will be following more established neo-monastic communities as well as one newly emerging one (potentially Missio Dei). We have decide if we want that or not.

Also, we have been approached by some new friends who want to make a mini-documentary about us.

At first, I was a bit irked by this attention. But the more I tried to say “hey, we haven’t figured anything out,” the more folks are interested in simply telling our story with all its humility and feebleness.

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