The Affair: A Poem by Michael Anthony Francis

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : January 13, 2007

The following is a poem written by my friend Michael.  Michael is a 48 year old homeless man that I have grown to love.  He is currently in prison.  Please pray for him.  I know God has big plans for the man.  Here’s a poem of his that I share (with his permission):

“A” was you awesome alluring ability to take advantage of my powerlessness.

“L”was your lustful love and laughter I longed for every time I was lonely.

“C” was you cunning way of showing compassion with arousing curiousity.

“O” was your openmindedness and optimistic feelings you shared for our future.

“H” was the heart-felt happy times of past hot summer nights.

“O” was the overwhelming obviousness of becoming an outcast.

“L” was you lying loyalty that led me to crack cocaine.

Snap crackle pop, “crack cocaine!” THe combination sensation all through my brain.  You wreaked chaos, havoc, heart-ache and pain. You took my morals, my son, daughter, and wife–so damned determined to even take my life. Sometimes I wanted to die, I couldn’t maintain, I thought I was crazy going insane. Thoughts of suicide–oh how extreme–wishing it were only a bad dream. Now, all I hear is echoes from the past of each and every time I took that first blast. So I looked to the sky and found my reason to live.  Because of hope and love only God can give! And I called him up.  You see, his line is never busy, always and forever he’s my creator, friend, savior, leader, and king! And, I can do all things through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me!

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