Zoho Writer

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : July 25, 2006

I don’t often talk about tech stuff on my blog. Others are better at that. Nevertheless, I thought I’d tell you about a particular application that Missio Dei is using that I find helpful: Zoho Writer. Zoho writer is an online word processor. It allows you to create documents–just like you do in Word–yet it allows you to share that document with others, so that you can engage in easy group-editing. I know that Google is creating a similar project based upon Writely, but for now Zoho seems to be the best online group word processor.

Why do I mention Zoho? Missio Dei is currently developing its own prayer book. We wanted to have a book of prayers based upon a 4 week cycle that reflects our own contextual spirituality/theology. This is a practice I recommend for many emerging communities. Zoho would also be a good tool for writing other church documents (constitutions, values statements, position papers, etc.)

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