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Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : July 25, 2006

A couple weeks ago I preached at a church a northern suburb of the Twin Cities. I find it difficult to preach outside of my own community, but I do it to build relationships with other communities (and also as a way of fundraising). The pastor of that church just shared some of the feedback he received, and it was probably the most encouraging feedback I’ve ever received in my life:

“In all my 25 years of being a Christian I have never been challenged so much to change in one service.”

The sermon was centered around Matthew 25:31-46, the infamous “Sheep and Goats” passage. I picked it because it is one of the most intimidating passages in Scripture, it is a structurally important passage in Matthew (basically Jesus’ final teaching), and it is one of the most overlooked passages by preachers.

If you’re interested, the audio for the sermon is here.

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