Pub Gathering Reborn

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : April 18, 2006

On the first Wednesday of every month, Missio Dei has what we call a
"Pub Gathering." The Pub Gathering is an open discussion group that
explores issues of faith and culture.

On May 3rd, we’ll have our first Pub Gathering in the new location (the Corner Bar)
and new time (7:00pm). We’ll be meeting in a side room at the Corner
Bar (they use it for the Corner Bar Comedy Club on weekends), so we
won’t have to worry about noise levels like we did at the Town Hall

For this first Pub Gathering at our new location, we’ll be joined by several representatives from Minnesota Atheists. The theme for discussion is "Why I am an atheist."
This is NOT a debate. We aren’t pitting an athiest against a believer
to see who argues better. The evening is an honest exploration of why
some atheists believe what they believe. The posture is to learn from
our atheistic friends, not to prove them wrong.

We’ll also be changing up our format. We’ll start with a few words
from a presenter, followed by some Q&A with the presenter, and then
we’ll have an open-ended time of discussion.

Invite your friends.  All are welcome.

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