An Interview with David Fitch

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 29, 2006

David Fitch, author of the Great Giveaway and one of the presenters at the Conference on Christianity in a Consumer Culture, has an interview by KTIS (a local evangelical radio station) here:

Skip ahead about 1/5 of the way.  She seems to completely misunderstand some of David’s responses, misconstruing his mock-offense at being asked certain questions for genuine defensiveness.  Interesting.

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One Response to “An Interview with David Fitch”

  1. Mike Schellman on March 29th, 2006 5:59 pm

    regarding, the mis-reading of mock-offense; I have found that this is characteristic posessed by many Christians.

    Have you seen Erik the Viking? in the same way that the Christian character in that movie was unable to percieve the inhabitants of Norse mythology, so too are many christians today unable to percieve the more subltle forms of humor like satire, and sarcasm. (The only difference being the existance of the latter - and the non-existance of the former, stating this may or may not be necessary depending on the reader).

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