An Important Spring

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 27, 2006

This spring is very significant for me.  I earnestly desire your support and prayer about some of the important things happening this spring. Please keep me in your prayers:

  • I’m in my final quarter at Bethel Seminary as a student, and I’ll be doing lots of stuff to wrap up my studies there. 
  • This Thursday I start teaching ML250: Re-envisioning the Church at Bethel Seminary.  I’m pretty excited.  As you probably know, ecclesiology is something I care about deeply.  Joel (he’s the other teacher for the course) and I have about 15 students.  It should be a facinating quarter. 
  • I’ve got the Conference on Christianity in a Consumer Culture coming up at the end of April.  There are a lot of things that still need to be nailed down before we are ready.    It is addressing a very important set of issues.  We are naming the Principality of consumerism and calling the Church to Kingdom faithfulness.  I really believe a lot of good will come from the conference.  We need at least 200 people to register to cover our expenses (which we have kept incredibly low). Please register for the conference.
  • Over the next few months or so, I need to raise $4500 a month for Missio Dei’s new co-venture with InterVarsity.  This is an exciting new venture.  Missio Dei serves the West Bank…and there are a lot of students and several college campuses on the West Bank.  Because there are very few student ministries focused on the West Bank, Missio Dei and InterVarsity have teamed up to start something.  This new venture will be directed by yours truly.  I’m really excited about the direction Missio Dei is headed in right now, but a big concern of mine is my income.  In the future, my income will come from the support I raise with InterVarsity, since InterVarsity has a much better accounting setup and can get better benefits. Please consider supporting me in this new ministry opportunity. For more information, please send me an email.

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