On Autumn Sluggishness

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : October 31, 2005

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but hope to get back into it this week. It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy, but I’ve felt a bit uninspired when it comes to formulating blog material.  I’ve felt a bit tired and run down…which really really disappoints me, because this is my favorite time of year. I love October, November, and December…these three months hold a special place in my heart for some reason.  I love the shrinking of daylight hours, the crisp air, the smell of decaying leaves, the coming of snow.  I love Christmas.  Not because I love presents or flashiness.  Not even because I get to spend time with family.  I love the somber mystery of Christmas…the Christmas hymns, the candlelight, the simple decorations.  I love the twinkly night sky.  That same part of me that loves the Lord of the Rings loves Christmas. 

I think I’ve been eating too much crap since seminary started up this year…I’ve been eating less healthfully and sleeping strange hours.  Last week I changed my diet drastically and have been trying to sleep better.  Hopefully that will set things straight. 

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2 Responses to “On Autumn Sluggishness”

  1. Mike on October 31st, 2005 6:54 pm

    I agree with your thoughts on the time of year. The leaves falling, and the winter night sky all display GOD?s glory. It?s out of these simple things that the Lord speaks. I also think we tend to slow down more in fall and winter.

    I?ll pray that your body gets back into balance. Diet, lack of exercise and play havoc with the body.

  2. Michelle on November 2nd, 2005 12:34 pm

    Lol maybe your pregnant too :)

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