This week’s chores

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : August 17, 2005

I’ve got alot to do this week for various projects.  I’m teaching a class this spring at Bethel Seminary, but have to get alot of paperwork in first. 

Missio_dei_ad_1Missio Dei is moving our central gatherings to Augsburg college, and I want to run an announcement in some local papers to let folks know.  We’re also going to distribute these announcements at local coffee shops and bars and whatnot.  I don’t like advertising, but one can utilize local papers and put up posters and whatnot without catering to consumer tastes. 

I’m also starting to raise funds for the upcoming conference on Christianity in a Consumer Culture.  I have to send out letters (followed up by a phone call) asking for money.  Donations will help keep the costs down for registration.  I really want it to be financially easy for people to attend. 

So, it would save me a bit of work on fundraising if any of you (or your churches) would like to sponsor the conference.  Sponsors get their name on the website and future promotional posters (our new website should be up before the end of the month).  For every $200 donated, you’ll also get a complimentary registration.  This conference is going to be awesome.  We’ve got some great speakers lined up (Ron Sider, Vincent Miller, Rodney Clapp, Sondra Ely-Wheeler) adn they’ve all agreed to do a breakout session as well.  We’re hoping to fill the other sessions with workshops (if you have something to teach us in this area, please contact me) and some academic papers.  The overall focus of the conference will be to promote change in the way we (as American Christians) relate with consumerism…moving from syncretism to a prophetic challenge. 

I’m also putting some stuff together for the West Bank Leaf & Bean.  I’ve had a couple friends talk to me about investing/partnership.  If you’re interested in being part of a tea/coffee shop that is going to be strongly neighborhood based, and focused on Kingdom goals (we’re not going to be a "Christian" Coffeeshop, but we will be a "Third Place" that benefits Missio Dei) then talk to me.  Even if you don’t have much money, there may be some things you can do to help.

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One Response to “This week’s chores”

  1. Steve Watson on August 18th, 2005 5:26 pm

    Hi Mark,

    Joe Dworak encouraged me to touch base with you. On one of my posts about living simply, he mentioned you have a conference in mind about this topic.

    Feel free to email.

    Breathe fire,

    Steve Watson

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