The selected friends have been deleted.

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : July 4, 2005

I just experienced another reason why online communities lack the depth required to be authentic community.  I was "thinning" out my blogroll, deleting a couple blog links that don’t really fit anymore.  When I deleted these links, these words came up: The selected friends have been deleted.

In real life, it takes alot to delete one’s friends. Online, it just takes a push of a button.  The painful process of no longer being friends is a huge part of authenticity.  And that is why that my real friendships, even though they might not always be as fun or as pleasant, will always be authentic, and those friendships that I’ve started and cultivated online can never really be authentic until I experience actual presence with those friends. 

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One Response to “The selected friends have been deleted.”

  1. Michelle on July 11th, 2005 6:47 pm

    Sometimes you try to use the technology without the assistance of your all knowing husband and then people get erased.
    I tried to group blogger under headings like you, but failed miserably. Now am at Kel’s mercy to help, but I haven’t been home much to sit down and learn. I wish I could put disclaimers on them the way Chris has it set up.

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