Misplaced Music

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : January 24, 2005

When I started blogging, I gave a shameless plug for Misplaced Music, a musicians coop and internet radio station created by some friends of mine.  I just thought I’d plug them again.  What they are doing is VERY cool.  If you don’t check them out, you will be tormented by angry gnomes. 

Here’s a bio:

Our Mission

Misplaced Music is a
musicians’ co-operative that is devoted to promoting local music of
artistic merit through its internet radio station and store, and
through live events.

Our Vision

Music is NOT a new competitor in the local music scene; we are a
musician’s co-operative designed to promote music as art, regardless of
its value as a commodity. As such, we consider ourselves patrons of
both established and obscure local artists. At no charge to musicians
or listeners, Misplaced Music Radio continually streams interviews,
news, and, of course, an exclusively local play list. We also
periodically showcase artists at co-op fundraisers and parties. By
working closely with local labels and publications, we hope to foster a
greater sense of community in the Minneapolis music scene. Members of
the co-op oversee all of its functions, and are themselves musicians.
They share a common vision, and a website through which their music is

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One Response to “Misplaced Music”

  1. blorge on January 27th, 2005 9:32 am

    MPR now has a radio station only for music. If you’re like me and you share a desktop with two other people (both of whom need it for work/school rather than email and recreation like me) then streaming a music station isn’t really feasible.

    I like the new public radio station because it is like Drive105 but better.

    PLUS- I can listen to it in my car.


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