MissionThink 2006

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : January 17, 2005

The Maclaurin Institute is currently deliberating about their sponsorship of the upcoming MissionThink 2006 Conference.  There has been a good deal of interest being sparked about the conference. 

We’ve also decided to broaden the concept to "MissionThink 2006: Navigating our Mission in an Affluent Culture"–while the idea is still the same, we found that the term "consumerism" seemed like a narrow focus to many.  So while the emphasis will still be a "consumer culture," we are broadening the idea to ways that we can be faithful in our culture of affluence, addressing issues like global poverty, fair trade, simple living, commodification, advertising and marketing, etc.

Within the next couple of months, look for a new MissionThink website (the blog will only occupy one part of the site…there will be articles, forums, and information about consulting–along with more info about the conference.  Stay tuned.

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