Challenging Fathers

Written by Kimberly Roth : June 23, 2008

BCRFRecently, many in our nation joined together to celebrate an event commonly known as “Father’s Day”. The popularity of this pagan holiday has become a concern to those of us here at Jesus Manifesto, and we wanted to make you aware of an organization that is looking to bring some solid Biblical teaching back to the forefront of our civic, government and congregational leaders:

The BCRF is a group of Biblical scholars, Church leaders and concerned individuals addressing the growing influence of “fathers” in the Church and in the larger culture. The council was established in response to the dangerous and widespread effects that reinterpretation of Biblical teaching on “fatherhood” can have on our congregations and on our households.

Opposing the growing “fatherhood” movement, which encourages men to take an active leadership role in the lives of their children, a Biblically accurate Parential position was established which acknowledges the necessary and essential role a man plays in the production of offspring, but maintains a rejection of his role as a “father figure”. In the home, men are to cling to their wife, become one and fruitfully multiply, while not usurping the role of the One Father or becoming over attached to their children.

The need for an organization like BCRF is clear because of the complexity of “fatherhood” issues and because of the devastating effects of misinterpreting Biblical teaching in the area. It is our prayer that what is shared through our organization will benefit individuals, families, congregations and communities dealing with this critical concern.

Based on our understanding of Biblical teachings, we affirm the following:

  1. Rejection of earthly “fatherhood” is an express Biblical command (Matt 23:9, 2 Cor 6:18, Eph 4:6)
  2. The Fall introduced distortions into the relationship between people and the One Father (Gen 3-5)
  3. Redemption through Christ removes the distorted role of an earthly “father” introduced by the curse and restores the Solo-Fatherhood of God established at creation (Acts 13:32-33)
  4. Jesus began his earthly ministry by calling men away from their earthly “fathers” (Matt 4:21-22, Matt 8:21-22, Mark 1:19-20, Luke 9:59-60)
  5. Jesus himself rejected his symbolic earthly “father” as a demonstration to his followers (Luke 2:48-50)
  6. Rejection of earthly “fatherhood” is a prerequisite for discipleship (Luke 14:26)
  7. Rejection of earthly “fatherhood” is a prerequisite for attaining eternal life (Matt 19:29, Mark 10:29-30)
  8. One of Jesus’ express reasons for coming to earth was to turn men against their “fathers” (Matt 10:34-36)
  9. Jesus taught that there would be further rejection of “fatherly figures” (Luke 12:52-53)
  10. Despite the intensity or sincerity of a call to “fatherhood” that a man might feel, clear Biblical teaching on the One Father must never be set aside as the objective test for discerning God’s will (Rom 8:14-16, Gal 4:6-7)
  11. BCRF is convinced that neglecting or outright denying the principles set forth in this document will lead to devastating and destructive consequences in our families, our congregations, and the communities we seek to impact (John 8:41-42)

For more information, or to purchase copies of our affirmations for friends and family, please contact the Biblical Council Rejecting Fatherhood’s home office (a.k.a., your sarcastic friends here at Jesus Manifesto).

Kimberly Roth is a co-editor for the Jesus Manifesto. She over-thinks and cares way too much, so she rambles on at

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