Interview: Becky Garrison, Satirist专访:余丽驻军, satirist

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : April 18, 2008写的马克范steenwyk : 2008年4月18日

Becky Garrison is a religious satirist whose books include:余丽驻军是一个宗教satirist ,其著作包括: The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail 新的无神论者,十字军和他们的非神圣圣杯 , Rising from the Ashes: Rethinking Church 上升从废墟中:反思教会 , and Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church 红色和蓝色的上帝,黑与蓝教会 . She’s Senior Contributing Writer for 的高级贡献的作家 The Wittenburg Door 该wittenburg大门 and contributes regularly to并有助于定期向 The Ooze 该软泥 and God’s Politics 上帝的政治 blog.博客。 Also, she’ll be featured in另外,她将精选在 Soularize in a Box 2007 soularize在一个盒子里2007年 and The Ordinary Radicals 普通自由基 documentary.纪录片。 When she’s not smashing religious idols to smithereens, she can be found kayaking, crewing on a historic schooner or fly-fishing.当她的不砸宗教偶像,以smithereens ,她可以找到独木舟,船员对一个历史性的schooner或飞捕鱼。 While she frequents a number of emergent and alt.虽然她常到一些急诊和ALT 。 w.瓦特 communities (with a sprinkling of traditional church added for that occasional bells and smells sensation), it is on the water where she truly worships.社区( 1洒在传统的教会说,这偶然的编钟和气味的感觉) ,这是对水的地方,她真正的崇拜。

How did you become a satirist? 您是如何成为一个satirist ? What drew you to satire? 是什么吸引你的讽刺?

Every since my upside down birth, I’ve always seen life from a unique perspective.每以来,我倒出生时,我总是看到生活,从一个独特的视角。 A quick romp through my dysfunctional family tree reveals that I seem to have been destined to be a satirist from the get-go.快速romp通过我的失调家谱表明,我似乎已注定要成为satirist从获得去。 I’ma direct descendent from three Pilgrims (John Howland, Priscilla Mullins and John Alden), who set forth for the new world in search of religious freedom only to morph into theological tyrants.我的直接后裔从三个朝圣者(约翰豪兰,普里西拉穆林斯和约翰奥尔登) ,谁提出的新的世界在搜索宗教自由不仅变身成神学霸。 Also, I’m the 10 th and 11 th great-granddaughter of the此外,我是 10 11 大的孙女,该 Rev. Roger Williams牧师罗杰威廉斯 , the first American pioneer of religious tolerance, who incidentally was chased out of Rhode Island by my more Puritanical relatives thus setting up a dysfunctional family dynamic that whenever someone in my family gets too uppity they’re given the boot. ,首先,美国的先锋宗教宽容,顺便提一句,是谁赶出罗得岛州,由我更多的清教徒的亲戚,因此成立一个健全的家庭动力,每当有人在我的家人得到太uppity ,他们正在考虑启动。 If Gramps were alive today, he’d be railing both against religious fundamentalist and their secular counterparts who try to impose their mighty meta-narratives upon the huddled masses.如果gramps健在今天,他愿意栏杆都反对宗教原教旨主义和世俗的对口谁试图强加给他们的威武元的叙述后, huddled群众。 Given he wrote books like The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for the Cause of Conscience ( 1644 ), he’d be the perfect Wittenburg Door writer.鉴于他写的书籍一样bloudy tenent迫害的事业的良心1644年 ) ,他想要得到完美的wittenburg门作家。

Add to it the fact that my late father was an Episcopal priest/college professor who got chased out of his small-town South Carolina church by the KKK circa 1961 because he dared suggest that the town abide by Brown v. the Board of Ed.添加给它的事实,即我国已故的父亲是一个主教神父/大学教授,谁得到赶出他的小城镇南卡罗来纳州的教会由kkk circa 1961年,因为他不敢表明,城市遵守布朗诉委员会,教育署。 While I’ma pre-natal Episcopalian (you do the science and the ecclesiology and it sort of makes sense), I’ve spent my whole life hanging around the fringes of the institutional church.而我是产前圣公会(你这样做的科学性和教会和它的排序是有道理的) ,我已经花了我一辈子挂在周围的边缘,体制的教会。 Yes, my late grandfather, a noted child psychologist, was spot on in his assessment that my late parents’ ‘60s era activist dreams fueled by a toxic combo of alcohol and drugs with the likes of Timothy Leary and hordes of impressionable college students presented poor models for proper parenting.是的,我的已故的祖父,著名儿童心理学家,被当场就在他的评估,即我的已故的父母' ,六十年代的时代活动家的梦想刺激了一种有毒的组合酒精和毒品与喜欢的提摩太leary和成群的impressionable大学生介绍了穷人模型适当的教养。 Still, amidst this psychedelic haze, I learned the不过,由于这迷幻的阴霾,我学会了 catechism of the Episcopal Church讲授的圣公会 , along with the irreverent political humor of ,随irreverent的政治幽默 Laugh-In 笑-在 and Monty Python 蒙蒂巨蟒 the song stylings of这首歌的stylings Tom Lehrer汤姆教师 and the English translations of the German lyrics found on the record “和英语翻译的德国的歌词,发现该纪录“ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a Dirty Old Man沃尔夫冈阿马德乌斯莫扎特是肮脏岁男子 .” How many nine year olds can claim they not only knew all the words to “ “有多少九年的孩子可以声称他们不仅知道所有的字句” Plastic Jesus塑料耶稣 ” but could interpret the meaning being this irreverent message? “但可以解释的含义正在这irreverent讯息?

Given this admitted bizarre family history, no wonder I became a religious satirist.鉴于这种承认,奇怪的家族病史,怪不得我成了一个宗教satirist 。 It’s in my genes.它的在我的基因。

Satire seems to be a lost art…Why do you think that is? 讽刺似乎是一个失去了艺术…为什么你认为是什么?

Let me quote the dude who got me into whole wild and whacky world of serving God through my writing, Door Senior Editor Robert Darden.让我引述dude谁引见我进入整个野生和whacky世界服务的上帝通过我的写作, 资深编辑罗伯特达顿。Mike Yaconelli麦克yaconelli was the most dangerous man I’ve ever known.是最危险的男子,我从未众所周知的。 He honestly sought to live according to the Gospel.他诚实地寻求活根据福音。 It meant he didn’t care who he ticked off.这意味着,他不照顾谁,他分起飞。 It meant he didn’t care what you said about him.这意味着,他不照顾你所说的关于他的。 It meant he didn’t mind looking like a doofus.这意味着,他并不介意看起来像一doofus 。 It meant he would tell you what needed to be said to your face.这意味着,他会告诉你有什么需要说你的脸。 Brrrrrrr … now that’s dangerous .” brrrrrrr …现在的危险的 “ 。

How many satirists do you see pimping themselves out as author/pastor/speakers?有多少satirists你看到拉皮条自己作为作者/牧师/发言者呢? Yeah, I note on my website the subjects I can talk about cause there are places like是啊,我注意到在我的网站上的科目,我可以谈论的原因有地方,如 Greenbelt UK绿地英国 and Soularize soularize that have the spiritual stamina to invite a satirist into their midst.有精神体力邀请satirist到他们中间。 But if you’re cutting the但如果您正在削减 Christian cheese基督教奶酪 , planning a conference so you can strut your规划会议,让您可以支撑您的 progressive poses逐步构成 or faithlessly floundering locked up in your或faithlessly挣扎锁定在您的 ivory tower象牙塔 , you don’t want some smart ass pantsing you, revealing once and for all that the emperor is indeed buck neekid! ,您不想让一些聪明驴pantsing你,揭示了一次为所有的皇帝其实是推卸责任neekid !

For a more in-depth analysis into the not so subtle art of satire, I’m going to defer to为更深入的分析,到并非如此微妙的艺术,讽刺,我会推迟到 Phyllis Tickle菲利斯tickle . She wrote the她写了 forward转寄 to The New Atheists Crusaders and their Unholy Grail and is the smartest person I know, bar none.新的无神论者十字军和他们的非神圣圣杯 ,是最聪明的人我知道,酒吧首屈一指的。

How do you respond to those Christians that see satire as something destructive…something with which no good Christian should stain themselves? 您如何回应这些基督徒见讽刺,因为一些破坏性的…一些与没有良好的基督教应染色自己呢?

When we are living in trying times like these, we need both mystics and satirists - the mystics connect us to the divine to give us hope despite our current despair, while the satirists play the role of the court jester to keep us grounded.当我们正生活在艰难的时刻,像这些,我们既需要有神秘主义和satirists -神秘连接我们的神给我们希望,尽管我们目前的绝望,而s atirists发挥法院的弄臣,让我们的接地。 To quote Jimmy Buffett, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” I’ve had more than my share of dark nights of the soul.引用吉米布菲, “如果我们不能笑,我们都会去疯狂, ”我已经超过我的产品市场占有率的黑暗之夜的灵魂。 But satire keeps me spiritually sane.但讽刺,我在精神上保持理智。

Just as there have always been corrupt institutions and churches, there have a few of us crazy enough to take on the ungodly giants.正如一直存在着腐败机构和教会,有几个我们疯了足够的,对ungodly巨人的肩膀上。 We satirists exist to deconstruct everything and anyone that tries to keep people away from the love of God.我们satirists存在解构一切,任何人都试图使人们远离上帝的爱。 Whenever men try to erect God in their own image, I’m right behind them kicking down their prized creations.每当官兵尝试竖立上帝在其自身的形象,我的权利,他们背后踢他们珍贵的创作。 And right after I’ve smashed these fallen idols to smithereens, for a few brief moments, a calm comes over me.和右后,我已经捣破这些下降的偶像,以smithereens ,简单讲几句的时刻,冷静来超过我。 I can see very tiny bits of God shining through the cracks.我可以看到很小位上帝的光辉透过裂缝。 These fragmentary yet all too fleeting glimpses of the divine keep me from cracking up.这些零碎的,但太短暂一窥神让我从打击。

Since your book Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church came out a couple years ago, the Christian political atmosphere has shifted. 由于您的书籍红色和蓝色的上帝,黑与蓝教堂出来一对夫妇年前,基督教的政治气氛已转移。 It would appear that the grip of the religious right has loosened and a new generation of Christian progressives has emerged. 这样看来,抓地力的宗教权利,已松脱和新一代的基督教进步已经出现。 Does this shift give you hope…or is there still need for concern? 这是否转移给你希望… …或有仍然需要关注?

Well for starters, the Religious Right may seem to be DOA but they will rise from the dead when you least expect it.良好的创业者,宗教的权利,可能似乎是DOA的,但他们会增加从死当您至少期望它。 Sort of like zombies.有点像僵尸。 For example, while the Moral Majority went the way of the dodo around the time the televangelist scandals hit in the late ‘80s, these fundy fanatics reemerged as the Christian Coalition blasting their way all over the Beltway form 1994 till 2006.例如,虽然道德多数前往方式的渡渡鸟左右的时候, televangelist丑闻打击,在八十年代末期,这些fundy痴迷者再度为基督教联盟的爆破方式,所有超过beltway形式, 1994年至2006年。 These guys are too well funded with an extensive grassroots networking for me to ever think we’ll be rid of them.这些家伙是太清楚了资助与广泛的基层网络,我都认为我们将摆脱他们。 They’re like Christian kudzu.他们就像基督教葛根。

Back in 2006, I sounded the alarm that if we’re not careful, we’re going to see the rise of a Progressive Left that’s every bit as odious, obnoxious and obstinate as the Religious Right.早在2006年,我敲响了警钟,如果我们不小心,我们将会看到崛起的一个渐进左边的每一点作为可憎的,厌恶性和顽固性作为宗教的权利。 The title of this book reminds us that whenever we put partisan politics over following the teachings of Christ, the church takes a beating.标题这本书提醒我们,每当我们提出的党派政治超过以下的教诲,基督,教会需要跳动。 Since then, we’ve seen the formation of organizations like自那时以来,我们已经看到的形成,组织一样, Cross Left跨左 designed explicitly to organize the Christian Left, progressive Christian leaders choosing to endorse specific candidates on sites such as设计明确,组织基督教左,逐步基督教领袖选择通过具体的候选人的网站上,如 Faithful Democrats忠实同盟 , and other spiritually swarmy moves. ,和其他精神上的swarmy的举动。

Here’s where it gets a bit sneaky.这里的那里得到一点鬼鬼祟祟。 Some holy hipsters claim they’re speaking only as a private citizen cause after all, their endorsement isn’t on their church or organization’s website.一些圣地hipsters声称他们来说,只有以私人身份的原因,毕竟他们的认可,是不是对他们的教会或组织的网站。 Looks to me like they might be joining forces with Dr. Dobson who also看来,我想他们可能会力量联手,博士多布森谁也 insisted坚持 that his political endorsement “comes as a private citizen and does not represent the views of his ministry.” This political doublespeak brings to mind Bubba’s claims that “I did not have sex with that woman.” While technically he did not perform a procreative act, he sure as heck was downright dirty.他的政治背书“来以私人身份,并不代表的意见,他的部” ,这政治doublespeak使我想起布巴的声称“我没有性别与那个女人” ,而在技术上,他不执行生育行为,他相信作为赫克是彻头彻尾的肮脏。 In the same token, just because you post your endorsement in a manner that doesn’t violate IRS rulings, that doesn’t mean it’s kosher.在同样的道理,只是因为您发布的批注的方式,并不违反美国国税局的裁决,这并不意味着它的犹太教。 As I正如我 reported on the God’s Politics blog报告了关于上帝的政治博客 , once you are seen as a published author/pastor/spokesman of any religious enterprise, your words carry weight when uttered in any public forum, be it book or blog. ,一旦你被视为一个发表作品的作家/牧师/发言人任何宗教的企业,你的说话,进行重量时,说出了在任何公共论坛,无论是书或博客。 Deal with it.处理这个问题。

While “change” and “hope” have become the latest buzz words in the 2008 election, the challenges is how Christians can be prophetic agents of social change without becoming some candidate’s biblical buttboy.而“变”与“希望”已成为最新留言换言之,在2008年总统大选,面临的挑战是如何基督徒可以预言的代理人的社会变革没有成为某些候选人的圣经buttboy 。 Check out Brian McLaren’s检查布赖恩麦克拉伦的 Everything Must Change Tour一切必须改变旅游 and Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw & Friends和谢恩勃,克里斯山楂&朋友 Jesus for President耶稣为主席 if you want to see the real deal in action.如果你想看到真正的处理在行动上。

You’ve got your fingers on a lot of the latest “movements” within the church. 您有你的手指上有很多最新的“运动”内部的教会。 Where do you see faith in the US headed? 如果你看到的信念,在美国为首的呢? We’ve got mainstream evangelicals branding and repackaging every movement for its own use. 我们已经得到主流福音派的品牌和重新包装每一个运动的供自己使用。 Mainline denominations have set up special task forces to incorporate emerging ideas in a last-ditch effort to keep their young from falling away. 主线面额已成立特别专责小组,把新兴的思想在尽最后努力使他们的年轻人落入距离。 And then you have Emergent Village moving away from building relationships into creating a publishing/speaking empire. 然后你有新兴村逐渐远离,从建立关系到建立一个出版/发言帝国。 Where is all of this headed? 那里是所有这一切都为团长的呢?

Here again, I’ll defer to Phyllis Tickle cause she’s the expert when it comes to taking our country’s spiritual temperature.在这里,我再次将推迟到汉英tickle事业,她的专家,当谈到考虑我们国家的精神温度。 When I当我 interviewed her采访她的 for Rising from the Ashes: Rethinking Church and The Wittenburg Door , she made these astute observations.增加从废墟中:反思教会和wittenburg的大门 ,她取得了这些精明的意见。 “Bishop Mark Dwyer has noted, about every 500 years, the Church feels compelled to have a giant rummage sale. “主教马克德威尔指出,大约每500年,教会认为必须有一个巨大的rummage出售。 During the last Reformation 500 years ago, Protestantism took over hegemony.在过去改革的500多年前,基督教接管霸权。 But Roman Catholicism did not die.但罗马天主教没有死。 It just had to drop back and reconfigure.它只是不得不辍学回并重新。 Each time a rummage sale has happened, whatever was in place simply gets cracked into smaller pieces, and then it picks itself up and reconfigures. ,每一次rummage出售所发生的,无论是在地方,简单地得到破获成较小的作品,然后挑选自己和reconfigures 。 I think Diana Butler Bass is absolutely right-on when she says that Progressive Christianity is that part of the established institutions presently in place that’s going to remain in the center, or circle around, the emerging church.”我认为戴安娜巴特勒低音是绝对正确的-对时,她说,基督教的进步是部分的常设机构,目前在地方的要留在该中心,或圆左右,新兴的教会“ 。

In my conversations with other forward thinkers like在我的谈话与其他前进的思想家,像 Spencer Burke斯潘塞伯克 , Diana Butler Bass戴安娜巴特勒低音 and Brian McLaren布赖恩麦克拉伦 , it’s clear there’ a global spirit abound that infuses religion, politics and culture at large, transcending organizations and individuals. ,它的明确有'一个全球性的精神,比比皆是,注入宗教,政治和文化大,超越组织和个人。 When I attended当我参加 Trinity Institute’s annual theological conference三一学院的年度神学会议 , I was particular struck by James H. Cone’s appeal to his fellow academics to do theology that moves out of the academy and impacts the person in the pew. ,我是特别深刻的詹姆斯每小时锥奇摩呼吁他的同胞学者做神学移动走出学院和影响的人在皮尤。 That’s where I want to be where the religious rubber hits the real road cause that’s one heck of a religious rollercoaster ride.这也就是我要的地方,宗教橡胶安打真正的道的事业的一赫克的一项宗教云霄飞车的旅程。 I feel blessed to just be there so I capture satirical and spiritual snapshots of what I observe as this transformation unfolds before my eyes.我觉得有福,只是有,所以我捕捉讽刺和精神文明的快照我的观察,作为这场变革的展开之前,我的眼睛是雪亮的。

But the moment you try and market and brand this movement replete with publishing deals, self-appointed spokesmen and generative gatherings, you’ve jumped the shark and the spirit has moved on.但目前您尝试与市场和品牌这项运动,充斥着出版交易,自我任命的代言人和生成的聚会,您跳的鲨鱼和精神,已提出的。 For example, I reported on Holy Hip Hop back in 2004 (props to my friend举例来说,我汇报了神圣的hip hop早在2004年(道具给我的朋友 Jahneen Otis jahneen奥的斯 for overseeing the first setting of the Episcopal Eucharist hip-hop style).监督首先设置主教圣体圣事的嘻哈风格) 。 One thing I learned in doing my research was that by the time一件事,我知道在做我的研究是由时间 Saturday Night Fever 周六晚发烧 was released in 1977, these urban pioneers were experimenting with what later became identified as hip-hop.被释放在1977年,这些城市分别为先锋,试验什么,后来被确定为嘻哈。 A very similar dynamic seems to be happening with emergent church TM but this global spirit is definitely alive and kicking.一个非常类似的动态,似乎是发生突发教会的技术备忘录 ,但这个全球性的精神,肯定是活着和脚踢。

What movements or groups today bring warmth to your satirical heart? 什么运动或团体,今天带来的温暖到您的讽刺心? Where are the signs of hope? 那里是希望的迹象?

I would encourage everyone to check out我会鼓励每个人都签出 The Ordinary Radicals 普通自由基 when this documentary opens in September.当这部纪录片在9月开幕。 Jamie Moffett, director and co-founder of杰米莫菲特,董事及共同创办人 The Simple Way简单的方法 profiles some amazing ordinary radicals, who are demonstrating that another world is possible if we really put the words of the risen Christ into practice.概况一些惊人的普通自由基,谁是表明另一个世界是可能的,如果我们真的付诸表决的话,复活的基督付诸实践。 Over at以上 Anglimergent anglimergent , I’ve been witnessing ontological proof that the Episcopal Church is indeed rising from the ashes. ,我已经目睹了本体论证明该圣公会的确是上升,从废墟中。 (If anyone thinks the emergent church is THE church of the 21 st century cause the mainline church is a thing of the past, do your historical homework or else I’ll be forced to sic NT Wright on you He’ll (如果有人认为,新兴教会,是教会的21世纪事业的主线教会是过去的事,做您的历史功课,否则我将被迫碳化硅新台币赖特对你,他会 surprise you with hope您惊奇与希望 that’s for sure.这是肯定的。 Andrew Jones郑家富琼斯 and Jonny Baker’s杰哈尼贝克的 blogs guide me to where the spirit is moving throughout the world, while博客指南,我哪里的精神,正在整个世界,而 Jon Birch’s cartoons琼桦木的漫画 enable me to laugh at my own foibles.让我笑我自己的foibles 。

If these groups succeed, will you be out of a job? 如果这些团体的成功,你会失去工作呢?

No way.没有出路。 No how.没有如何。 It’s human nature of people to seek power like moths to a flame.它的人性的人寻求的权力像飞蛾,以火焰。 So, someone has to be armed with a fire extinguisher to put out the fires.因此,有人将一名手持灭火器扑灭火灾。 And as long as there are gatherings like Greenbelt UK and Soularize, I’ll always have a place to play.和只要有聚会,绿地一样,英国和soularize ,我将始终有地方发挥。

Your hands are all ready covered in the blood of sacred cows; you’ve tackled Church and State, atheism, and the emerging church. 你的手都准备就绪,包括在血液中的神圣奶牛;您解决教会和国家,无神论和新兴的教会。 What’s next? 下一步做什么?

Thanks to my buddy Kurt Nielson, author of感谢我的好友库尔特尼尔森,作者 Urban Iona市区iona , I’ve been starting to view travel and life in general through a pilgrim’s eyes. ,我已经开始检视旅行和生活中一般通过一个朝圣者的眼睛是雪亮的。 Who knows where the spirit will take me next?谁知道那里的精神,都将带我下一步如何? But I’m really learning to appreciate the ride no matter how scary and bumpy the road might be at times.但我真的学习欣赏共度无论多么可怕的和不平坦的道路可能会倍。 So, check out因此,签出 The Ooze该软泥 , the Wittenburg Door wittenburg大门 and God’s Politics blog上帝的政治博客 for my latest adventures in idol smashing.我的最新冒险的偶像粉碎。 Major updates like upcoming books and all that jazz will be posted on my website,主要的更新,例如即将到来的书籍和所有的爵士乐将张贴在我的网站上, www.beckygarrison.com .

Editor’s Note: If you think you have the satirical spirit needed to contribute to The Wittenburg Door, check out the writer’s guidelines at 编者按:如果您认为您有讽刺精神,需要继续向wittenburg门,签出作家的指南 www.wittenburgdoor.com/writers-guidelines www.wittenburgdoor.com /作家-指引 and send your submissions to 和发送您的意见书 [email protected] [email protected] Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy these pictures from the odd travels of Becky Garrison. 同时,可以舒舒服服地坐下欣赏这些图片从多个旅游余丽驻军。

for further reading .为进一步读。 . .