Written by Jason Barr : December 19, 2007

It is time to move on from
a politics of fear
to a politics of hope.
From the economy of grasping
to one of gift.

They say
don’t let your
interfere with your

Save it for the afterlife.

God is on our side.
He loves it when you spend
what you don’t have
on things you don’t need;
the gift that keeps on giving
until you wish it would just
go away.

Keep making bricks,
stamping straw into mud,
numbers into columns,
caps onto bottles.
One day
you shall receive your reward.

They already have theirs.

They expect us to believe
the exponential debt-growth curve
and the energy-production bell curve
can co-exist,
from age to age.
Truly they have already received
their reward in full.
We will pay for it;
we always do.

From this, such death is life;
if this is the way of the world
let it all end

Kyrie eleison.

To live is Christ.
I can do all things!
shall I fear?

Walk among the first
of the new order,
not the last
of the old.

Join the resurrection parade.

Jason Barr is a musician, writer, and the teaching pastor/worship leader at Ecclesia Christian Church in Evansville, Indiana. He is also the author of the radical Christian blog An Absolution Revolution. He is working on a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at the University of Southern Indiana.

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