Soundtrack for Subversion: Poinsetta’s Here

Written by Kimberly Roth : July 14, 2008

It’s high time we add another track to our Soundtrack for Subversion. This month’s suggestion hails a far cry from the Texas plains of our prior selection. Michael Blair and Madison Greene emerged from icy Michigan, where their “aggressive acoustic” music with “Celtic and tribal undertones” would be sure to keep the boys and girls warm with all their dancing and twirling. But it wasn’t just about the global rhythms and hippy threads, these kids had some serious stuff on their minds and souls:



Does anyone have some attention?
Maybe someone has something to drink?
Maybe someone has a little diversity all in the way we think.
You can make mountains right out of your delusions.
You can learn a lot from how you’re deceived.
You can say your soul’s on fire
And the world’s at an end
And everyone takes their turn,
But it’s not that long a turn.
I guess that we’re here for some questions,
Because the answers are too plain to find.
We’d be happy to take some suggestions
About living a life worthwile.
Have the crossroads come between us,
Despite the prayers that we have cried?
Is there wisdom in the solace
Of knowing we have lost ourselves,
Just trying to be ourselves?
Are you waiting to save me now?
Let the blood rain down from a backdoor sun
And a river that has no end.
Pardon my resistance toward good intentions.
I’m still trying to figure out this picture we’re in.
Your pale shaded mirrors that have no dimensions,
They make me feel like I’m still a child.
And can you believe it that I’m still sitting here,
Wishing I was someplace other than this?
One bright December in the cold heart of anyone
And it’s certainly something to miss.
Are you waiting to save me now?
Are you waiting to save me now?
Let the blood rain down from Sodom and Gomorrah
And the saints who damn them all.
Are you waiting to save me now
- with your deaf and silent gods?
- with your gods of wood and stone?
- with your gods of money and greed?
Are you waiting to save me now
- from everything I believe?
- with your gods of this American dream?
Are you waiting to save me now?
I ask you, how are you going to save me now?

Kimberly Roth is a co-editor for the Jesus Manifesto. She over-thinks and cares way too much, so she rambles on at

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