Automatic LIKES ON INSTAGRAM monthly for constant promotion

Getting attention on Instagram is tough. Many brands struggle to stand out. But, we found a cool tool that helps: Instagram automatic likes. This feature makes getting noticed online easier.

Instagram has a much higher engagement rate than Facebook. This means it's a great place for businesses to connect with people who might like their products or services. Using Instagram automatic likes can really help your brand grow and reach more people.

This tool works by automatically liking posts for you. It saves time and effort but still boosts your presence on social media. With more likes, more folks see your brand, which is good for business.

Remember, engaging with your followers is key to success on social media platforms like Instagram. Automatic likes are just one part of a bigger marketing strategy to build strong relationships with your audience and improve brand recognition.

What are Instagram Automatic Likes?

boost your posts fast

Instagram Automatic Likes help boost your posts fast. As soon as you upload a picture or an Instagram story, these likes come in without any effort from your side. This raises your engagement rates.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to find and like your new uploads. You don't need to give out your password or risk security. Automatic likes save time and help you get noticed faster on the web.

They build immediate credibility for your digital presence.

With automatic likes, technology handles growth while we focus on making great content.

How Instagram Automatic Likes Work

As soon as you post something new, Instagram Automatic Likes kick in. They spot your latest uploads and boost likes to help your content stand out fast.

  • They quickly find your new posts;
  • Boost likes to draw attention instantly.

Detection of new Publications, Posts and Reels

Right after you post a photo or video Reels on Instagram, our system notices. It's fast. You'll see likes coming quickly to your new content.

These tools are clever and spot every type of post, including Instagram stories.

For each new piece you share, our system reacts right away. This early boost helps your brand image and user profile grow more visible and popular on Instagram without delay.

Growth of likes

Increasing the number of likes quickly is the key to attracting attention to your profile. More activity on Instagram means better visibility. This is great for digital marketing because it shows your target audience what you do.

Plus, it starts a cycle: more likes brings more followers, views, and likes.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Automatic Likes via PayPal

We offer Instagram automatic likes via PayPal to make your posts more visible and attract more attention. This helps:

  • Make your profile seem popular;
  • Build trust with your viewers.

Monthly automatic likes are delivered to future new pictures or video posts. You can buy a package of automatic likes on the main page and get likes automatically within a month. For example, if you buy a package of 10,000 Auto Likes and you want to get 500 Likes for every new post, then the Auto Likes will stop when 20 new posts are published. No problem if 20 posts are published in 10 days or 2 months. After spending automatic 10k Likes, you can buy 10,000 automatic Likes monthly package again.

Buy high-quality automatic likes on photos, galleries and videos on Instagram. One of the most frequently ordered services on the service. This service will make your publications and account even more popular and noticeable! Likes for this service are not left by bots or specially created profiles, but by real live users, with valid profiles and photos. Most of the users are from different countries. The profile must be open (publicly available) for the duration of the promotion. Consider the potential benefits of Automatic Likes in this analysis.

The speed is natural, gradual: on average, several hundred likes per day to each new publication. Each post will receive a slightly different number of Likes for naturalness, but not less than the minimum specified number.

Comparisons of Plans and Pricing for Instagram Automatic Likes subscription

Selecting the right Plan for automatic likes subscription requires careful consideration of budget and goals. Here's a direct comparison to help streamline the decision-making process:

Plans: Advanced & Ultimate

Total number of Likes 10,000 50,000
Price Range $19 $79
Duration Any number of days. Auto Likes are active until 10,000 are spent. Any number of days. Auto Likes are active until 50,000 are spent.
Limit Likes per post From 20 Likes From 20 Likes
Ability to set a start delay for Likes after publication From 0 minutes to 600 minutes From 0 minutes to 600 minutes
Ability to change the number of Likes for future posts Any time. Just write to Contacts or Online Chat Any time. Just write to Contacts or Online Chat

Payment via PayPal or card for Advanced & Ultimate plans is one-time until the package of Likes is used up according to the plan. When the Likes package is spent completely, then you can buy the Advanced or Ultimate plans again.

Through this table, we aim to simplify the intricacies of each package. Businesses and individuals can easily compare what they're getting for their investment. Remember, choosing the right package can significantly influence your Instagram strategy, potentially enhancing brand image and creating buzz around your content. High engagement rates are crucial, and an appropriate package can serve as a stepping stone towards achieving those numbers.

Enhanced Instagram engagement

Buying Instagram automatic likes makes your posts popular fast. This brings more eyes to your photos and increases engagement. It starts a chain reaction - getting those first few likes kicks everything off.

High engagement on Instagram

High engagement on Instagram means people like your content. It also tells Instagram's algorithm to show your posts to more users. This leads to more likes, comments, and follows. High engagement shows you're credible and strong on this platform.

Increased social credibility

Likes on Instagram make us look good. They show our content is worth looking at. This makes more people follow us, get interested, and respect what we do. We notice posts with many likes more because they feel important.

Getting automatic likes fast helps us stand out on Instagram. It's key for anyone who wants to grow their profile or business there. Our posts appear popular right away, drawing in organic followers curious about the buzz.

Automatic likes are a smart move for boosting our social credibility on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Automatic Likes

Buying Instagram automatic likes boosts engagement. This service makes your posts more visible and interactive. Right after you post, the system spots new media and sends likes your way, cutting down on manual promo work.

Before picking a package, look at your target group and goals. Doing this helps you choose a service that fits your brand's needs well - like getting more subscribers or building social credibility.

We use AI-based tools for safety and effectiveness. This way of growing your presence on Instagram won't harm your account.

Impressions and coverage of photos and videos on Instagram

Purchase Instagram impressions / views and coverage of posts on Instagram are two services in one specially made to promote your photo or video. Collaborative views and reach increase overall post stats and affect their ranking and top rankings better than just regular views. This service is especially relevant for business profiles - in the statistics of posts of which these indicators are indicated. Speed: up to several thousand views per day for each post. ATTENTION! We give a guarantee for Instagram views we catch up with a margin.

Saving photos and videos on Instagram

Buy saving posts on Instagram. This service was created to increase the statistics of saving posts on Instagram. Users will add the post you specified (photo or video) to their save. This service is especially relevant for business profiles. Saves have a positive effect on the promotion and ranking of a particular post. Speed: up to several thousand saves per day for each post. ATTENTION! We give a guarantee for preservation we catch up with a margin.

Automatic likes monthly on albums, galleries and sliders on Instagram

Buy automatic Instagram likes monthly on photos, albums, galleries and sliders! These are special likes designed for the new slider photo format (albums and galleries) on Instagram. In the order, indicate a link to the photo itself, gallery (slideshow). The profile must be open (publicly available) for the duration of the promotion. Speed: up to several thousand likes per day for each photo or gallery.

Instagram video views

Buy video views on Instagram. A unique service from Fasto service allows you to wind up any number of views and make your videos popular. It is not easy to get a large number of video views immediately after publication, but thanks to this service, your video will easily gain the initial number of views, and the more it is, the more often Instagram will recommend the video to other users in the future, considering it interesting and popular. Suitable for any video, also for the new IGTV video format. Fast execution speed, up to several thousand video views per day. Also, you can order not only a boost of views, but also buy likes on a video on Instagram for a promotion. Your profile must be open for the duration of the assignment. We give a guarantee for IG views we catch up with a margin.

Likes on video broadcasts and live broadcasts on Instagram

Buy likes on video broadcasts and live broadcasts on Instagram. Now Instagram allows you not only to post photos and videos, but also to conduct live video broadcasts through your phone and other devices. While live broadcasts are in test mode, but soon they will be available to all users, then you can order likes for video broadcast on Instagram on our website. Be the first to try the new broadcast promotion service from Fasto and make yourself or your business even more popular.

How to buy Auto likes on Instagram monthly

automatic likes on Instagram monthly

Buy automatic Instagram likes monthly with a special limited promotion! Only $19 for 10k auto likes, have time to order and upgrade your photos, videos and Instagram profile. Get fast and effective automatic promotion from our service. In the order, you can specify one or several links to a photo or video, which will be automatically scattered with the total number of likes. Read more how to buy Automatic Instagram Likes through PayPal. Profile must be open (publicly available) for the duration of the promotion. Speed: up to several thousand likes per day for each photo. We give a guarantee for automatic likes we catch up with a margin.


We use Instagram automatic likes to make our posts popular quickly. This tool helps more people see what we share, making our brand stand out online. The cost changes, so we choose what works for our budget.

Getting more likes brings more attention to our posts, moving us toward success on Instagram. We find this tool on a website and go through checkout easily. Then, we manage everything from a dashboard.