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Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : June 24, 2008

I’ve reached the limit of my skills. Sure, if I were to try really hard and spend a lot of time on it, I could probably come up with a better design for Jesus Manifesto. But some of you are SO much better at web design than I am. So I’m asking for your help.

Why a redesign? I think we could do better. I feel like the site feels cluttered and clunky. And it is a bit of a resource hog. Plus, I’m really interested in incorporating some new features, but don’t know how to do it.

Are there any web designers out there willing to help redesign Jesus Manifesto? We can’t really pay you much of anything…but here are the potential perks:

  1. JM has a modestly large reader base…which means that your design skills would be on full display.
  2. You would feel the warm glow of knowing you helped promote a worthwhile webzine.
  3. You would have my abiding respect.

Now, if these aren’t enough of a motivator, I’d be willing to work out some sort of payment…but it would probably have to be a combination of installment payments and some sort of barter.

Mark Van Steenwyk is the editor of He is a Mennonite pastor (Missio Dei in Minneapolis), writer, speaker, and grassroots educator. He lives in South Minneapolis with his wife (Amy), son (Jonas) and some of their friends.

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    Hey Mark... Email me and let's see if I can help you out some.
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    Assuming you're planning to continue on with WordPress, you should probably mention that your designer needs to have mad WordPress skills. Or if you're contemplating changing the platform, you should probably mention that.
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    I am open to either possibility. That would all depend upon the designer and how much energy their willing to pour into this project. Wordpress is something I'm fairly familiar with, so that would make sense. But if someone had mad skill at Expression Engine or something and some time to offer, I'd be willing to entertain that as well.
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    Here's a snippet from he email response I got from Jason Morehead (of Opus Zine), if you (Mark) need someone to bounce questions off of:

    As for being a site resource, that might be more doable. I've done work on WordPress before (though I'm more of an ExpressionEngine guy), so I might be able to answer technical questions thrown at me.
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    May have a solution for you, Mark. I'm putting some things together and I'll email you.
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    Mark, my suggestion would be *not* to change the design. As an end-user, I'd say it does perfectly what it is intended for.

    Having said that, if you are going to move away from Wordpress, choose Drupal, not EE.


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