Deadline Extended for Pentecost Writing Contest

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 13, 2008

We’ve gotten some great entries for the writing contest. So far, about 20 articles have been submitted…not quite as much as we were hoping for, but not bad.  Unfortunately, the submissions have been “lopsided.” Most of the submissions have been for the doxis, praxis, and culture sections. That means we’re short for satire and aesthetics.

So, we’re extending the deadline. By 10 days. So, if you were working on an article (or intending to work on an article) but ran out of time, you’ve been given 10 more days to put something together.

If, by some chance, you’d like to submit something either a work of satire or poetry (or creative fiction) or a work of art, we’ll cut the entry fee to $3 (just change the amount in the submission form).

So, help us get the word out about the extension.  I know that many folks that were intending to write something haven’t submitted yet…so now is your chance.

You can submit your article here.

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