Het stappen in de Wind: Pentecost-Geïnspireerded het Schrijven Concurrentie

Geschreven door Mark Van Steenwyk: 1 april, 2008

violentwind3.gifWij willen uw woorden. Jesus Manifesto nodigt u uit om een oorspronkelijk artikel voor te leggen dat het thema van Pentecost onderzoekt.

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  • In AESTHETICS, we explore beauty through our senses: images, music, film, poetry, and the culinary arts. We’ll entertain any artistic submission.
  • In SATIRE, we revel in the absurdity of our lives. Without being mean-spirited, we want to use humor to wax prophetic.

    Mark Van Steenwyk (General Editor of JM)
    Mike Cline (Co-Editor of JM)
    Kim Roth (Co-Editor of JM)
    David A. Zimmerman (author, Deliver Us from Me-Ville)
    Eliacin Rosario-Cruz (Community Catalyst at Mustard Seed Associates)
    Jamie Arpin-Ricci (church planter and co-director of YWAM Winnipeg)
    Becky Garrison (Senior Contributing Writer for The Wittenburg Door)
    Jason Evans (co-founder of the Ecclesia Collective)
    Charlie Wear (publisher of the Next Wave)
    Mark Scandrette (director of Reimagine, author of Soul Graffiti)

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