Stepping into the Wind: A Pentecost-Inspired Writing Competition

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : April 1, 2008

violentwind3.gifWe want your words. Jesus Manifesto is inviting you to submit an original article exploring the theme of Pentecost.

Explore the message of Pentecost in our contemporary world. You can do that in any way that you’d like…but keep it to less than 1000 words. We’ll give awards for each of the Jesus Manifesto categories (except interviews and book reviews).

How can Pentecost provoke our imagination for the 21st Century? In 1000 words or less, we want you to stoke the embers of our imagination into flame.

PRIZES: We’re awarding one $50 prize for each of our categories (doxis, praxis, culture, aesthetics, and satire) with a $150 grand prize for the overall best general submission. That’s $400 total in prizes.

Winners will be announced on June 1. The winning submissions, along with the 2nd place submissions for each category, will be published in JM in June.

DEADLINE: Pentecost 2008 (May 11)


CATEGORY DESCRIPTION: Prizes will be offered for each of five categories (doxis, praxis, culture, satire, and aesthetics).

  1. In DOXIS, we explore the big questions of the faith…questions of theology and philosophy and hermeneutics and the like.
  2. In PRAXIS, we explore the hands-on nature of the way of Jesus. How do we follow Jesus in the American empire? What does this look like for our lives, our ministries, our churches? This is the hands-on of our faith.
  3. In CULTURE, we apply our lens to the world around us as we explore sociological trends, postmodernity, politics…you name it.
  4. In AESTHETICS, we explore beauty through our senses: images, music, film, poetry, and the culinary arts. We’ll entertain any artistic submission.
  5. In SATIRE, we revel in the absurdity of our lives. Without being mean-spirited, we want to use humor to wax prophetic.


Mark Van Steenwyk (General Editor of JM)
Mike Cline (Co-Editor of JM)
Kim Roth (Co-Editor of JM)
David A. Zimmerman (author, Deliver Us from Me-Ville)
Eliacin Rosario-Cruz (Community Catalyst at Mustard Seed Associates)
Jamie Arpin-Ricci (church planter and co-director of YWAM Winnipeg)
Becky Garrison (Senior Contributing Writer for The Wittenburg Door)
Jason Evans (co-founder of the Ecclesia Collective)
Charlie Wear (publisher of the Next Wave)
Mark Scandrette (director of Reimagine, author of Soul Graffiti)

SUBMISSION INFO: Submit your articles via the form below:

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