Pentecost in the Basement

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 24, 2007

On Pentecost Sunday at 5pm, Missio Dei will launch a special monthly gathering called “the Basement.” As you know, Missio Dei is a church that focuses its efforts in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. But we have friends, supporters, and well-wishers all over the Twin Cities. So, on the 4th Sunday of each month, we’re inviting all such friends, supporters, and well-wishers to fellowship with us.

Join us in the basement of Mapps Coffee and Tea (1810 Riverside Ave in Minneapolis) if you’ve wanted to visit Missio Dei but have never done so (after all, it can be intimidating to simply “drop in” on a neo-monastic community in an urban setting).

Oh…and if you decide to drop by, please bring some sort of snack or food item, since it is Missio Dei’s custom to eat at every gathering.

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