Thinking Blogger Award…finally!

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 11, 2007

I admit.  I’ve been jealous of all those other blogs that have been awarded the “thinking blogger” award.  The award is basically a meme where you list the five blogs that make you think the most.  I was given the award at Escaping Babylon and

And since I always feel the need to subvert the rules, I refuse to list five blogs.  Instead, here are four blogs that consistently make me think (in no particular order):

David Fitch: David only posts once-a-week, but it is almost always GOLD.  He asks all the right sorts of questions and has been a midwife, of sorts, for some of my own emerging missional ideas.

Scot McKnight: There have probably been 500 people that have already tagged Scot McKnight with the “thinking blogger” award.  I’ve never seen someone so prolific yet so thoughtful at the same time.  The dude is a machine.  I mean that literally–he must be  some sort of android to be able to pull off what he does.

Graham Old: I can’t put my finger on what it is about Graham that I find so compelling.  But, for some reason, the dude is one of my favorites.  I’ve never met him, but he is one of those bloggers that I feel like I NEED to meet before I die.

Dan Oudshoorn: Dan is a recent addition to my blogroll.  I’ve only been reading him for a couple months, but everything he’s written has been GREAT.  You know if he makes my short list in such a short amount of time, he MUST be good.

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