A little bummed…

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : April 3, 2007

You know how Missio Dei had to discern whether or not we wanted a reporter from the LA Times come follow our story for 6 months? Ultimately, we said yes. Today I found out that she decided to go a different direction with a rural Montana neomonastic community.

I’m not exactly upset by this shift. But I do admit that I was hoping to use the article to help get our story out. I figured it would make it easier to fund some of our ministry projects.

One of the biggest issues with Missio Dei (and also our work with InterVarsity) is that people are reticent to support us (personally and financially). I completely understand that we’re not the easiest thing to figure out (hence my excitement about having a reporter explain us). I guess I’ll have to stop being lazy and continue to talk to people one at a time. :)

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