My Sweet Lord

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : April 2, 2007

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After watching this clip, I sent an email to Mr. Cavallaro with a few words of encouragement. While Mr. Cavallaro probably knew he would cause a stir, I doubt that he knew he would cause THIS big of a stir.  It is a case of the detractors accidentally promoting the object of their scorn (much like with Emergent’s detractors, methinks).  I think “My Sweet Lord” celebrates Christ in a creative (and a little bit humorous) way. Some may find a chocolate Jesus in bad taste (pun intended), but it doesn’t offend me at all.  And I have little doubt that Jesus is angrier at Bill Donahue than he is at Cosimo Cavallaro.

This dialogue reminds me of the dialogue between Emergent and the self-designated “Defenders” out there. The emerging church, like Cosimo, seems to honestly be exploring fresh expressions in faithful ways (there is nothing new or disgusting about a nude Christ–is it that Jesus is made of chocolate that pisses folks off so much?). But for all the errors made–or bad attitudes expressed–by emerging Christians, I’m convinced that the fear-mongering, ungracious, judgemental rants of some “Champions of the True Faith” trump them.

Yes, emerging-types can be arrogant or flippant or theologically foolish. But most folks I know are pretty much humble, thoughtful, faithful folks trying to take Jesus as seriously as possible. Nevertheless, so much of the literature out there against the emerging church paints our vices with broad strokes and gross misunderstanding and massive mis-characterization.

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