New Monasticism at the Twin Cities Parade of Churches

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 26, 2007

Jan Bros and I will be doing a seminar together on New Monasticism this summer at the Emergent Village sponsored Parade of Churches. Here’s the info:

New Monasticism: Emerging Explorations of Ancient Paths
In this two-session seminar, Jan Bros and Mark Van Steenwyk will share the ways in which new communities are drawing upon ancient wisdom to embody the Gospel in Postmodern America. Growing discontentment with consumer religion and church-as-usual has awakened a hunger for a lived-in-faith with deep spiritual rhythms. The first session will draw upon the Benedictine-infused experiences of Abbey Way Covenant Church in Northeast Minneapolis (Jan’s community). The second session will draw upon the Franciscan-flavored efforts of Missio Dei in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis (Mark’s community).

The Parade of Churches promises to be an innovative and exciting event; it is like a gigantic immersion experience in the emerging church and contextual ecclesiology. The Twin Cities has a disproportionate amount of emerging churches. Five communities will host five different days of the conference. Each day will end with a worship gathering at those five churches. Others of us will be leading seminars and hosting confessional cohorts.

This is both a national event for emerging folks, but also a local onramp for Twin Cities churchfolk. Register today!

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