Hope in Generica

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : October 3, 2006

A while back I posted about the crisis in “Generica” (my tongue-in-cheek name for suburbia). Some folks do paint-by-number church out in Generica. But Generica is one of the most desperately needy contexts in America. Generica requires thoughtful, creative, theologically-deep, missional practitioners to re-imagine what Church ought to be in that cookie-cutter landscape. Our most missionally minded folks often go overseas or to the urban core, but Generical needs missionaries too. Missionaries with a prophetic edge.

Two books promise to help in that endeavor. One is already out, the other should come out soon:

The Suburban Christian

Justice in the Burbs

It is good to see emergence of a truly suburban missional movement. Sure some folks have been already at it, but I think the wave is building into something that will get noticed by the larger Church.

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  1. o2thoughtful on October 7th, 2006 4:06 am


    Have you read the suburban christain? Just wondered how USA focused it was and thus how wide the analogies and principles could be applied globally? Thanks

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