Organic Church Post

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : June 9, 2005

I have a new post on Organic Church.  Here’s a snippet:

My ecclesiology affirms that there is no such thing as a distinction
between clergy and lay people. However, many who come to that
conclusion fail to recognize that, in the eyes of many of the people in
the church, there is still a very real power differential. In other
words, the leader may think that they are on the same footing as
everyone else, but the people will still elevate that person in their
minds. This becomes particularly damaging when the newly liberated
leader begins to take their words less seriously-doing damage to the
church system all the while assuming that they are bringing it deeper
into health. We see this all the time in many new churches where the
leadership share their “junk” from the pulpit (or stool, or wherever
they preach from). The leader may think that s/he is being egalitarian
and affirming, but often it creates a sort of institutionalized

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